el presidente

I’m here at the hospital waiting for my friend Kim to give birth. The doctor says she has a few more hours before she actually delivers but I’m guessing in half that time she’ll kick me out for taking all the kotex pads in the room and turning it into a makeshift sumo wrestling costume or for suggesting yet again that El Presidente is a pretty good name for a boy if you give birth on President’s Day. Or if you want your son to be a Mexican wrestler.

Soon there will be another baby boy in the world and another friend of mine will enter this crazy yet surreal world of motherhood in which our babies turn into little humans and we are left gripping onto as many of these moments as we can.

looking out

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  1. Julie Pippert says:

    Oh good luck and congratulations to her!

  2. Boys and babies, two of my favorite things.

    Wishing your friend well on her journey!

  3. It’s great, isn’t it? They amaze me every day. Can you believe that our kids are about to be 3, 2, and 1? I still remember that time during field days when those pesky 6th graders beat us 8th graders at tug-o-war. Ha ha!

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