Friday morning brain dump

1. I heard this kid refer to his mother by her first name and I only know that it was her first name because she corrected him with, “My name is ‘Mommy.'” If Nathan ever calls me Mona, I will have to lock him in a room filled with the dreams I gave up to have him, like gracing the cover of Playboy’s Attention Target Shoppers Special Edition.

2. I received a care package from my mother. Her care packages are stuffed with a bounty of Dress Barn and JC Penney shoulder-padded jackets and floral pastel skirts. I doubt I’ll wear any of them unless I’m going to Easter Sunday mass or I suffer super early onset menopause.

3. Last Friday, Mike had to pick me up because my sinus headache was so bad, I was already google mapping the nearest pharmacia where I could pick up horse tranquilizers or whatever it is they call it in Tijuana. Pain Go Adios!

4. Mike says that the older Nathan gets, the more he looks like me.

I guess this is true. Check out my first grade portrait:

You didn’t know that I grew up as a red-faced Japanese boy? I did. Sadly, all I can say in Japanese is, Hamu wa? Dame desu yo! Translated: Ham? That is bad/not allowed.

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  1. Ha ha! “Lock him in a room filled with the dreams I gave up to have him.” “Playboy’s Attention Target Shoppers Special Edition.”

  2. thecandyqueen says:

    save the clothes so you can go on “what not to wear!”

  3. My nephew does that!!! He calls his mom by her name – but in a really loud screechy way. He learned it from his dad (my brother) and we try to get him to call her mommy, but he thinks mommy means “woman who is not the one that birthed me”. I wonder if it was my nephew – they live less than a mile from you…

    Also, I can’t wait to see the shoulder padded blouse. You must wear it to drinks soon. Must.

  4. mrs. blogoway says:

    My mom always gives me strange crystal ashtrays. It makes absolutely no sense. She doesn’t smoke, I don’t smoke and I certainly don’t want anyone smoking around me?!

  5. Ha! You crack me up Mona. Thanks for the good laugh on a Friday. Too bad El Diablo, the pervy monkey, isn’t still around. We could have dressed him up in your salvaged Golden Girls’ wardrobe from Connie.

  6. Owen has called me by my name, and by my husbands nickname for me…sigh. I shed a tear, not really, I just told him to never do that again. And Nathan looks JUST like you! I don’t know what is crazier, the fact Nathan looks identical to you or that your mother cut your hair like a boy.

  7. I will wash my kids mouths out with soap if they call me Carrie.

    And someone over at that Buzz whatchamacallit place told me I spelled my name wrong. Wah? Huh? Nobody told me!

  8. sometimes it is completely necessary to call your mom by her first name. like, when you’re with all 394839859238 family members and 35% of them respond to the name “mom.” i’m just sayin…

    *snort* we would totally be in that playboy issue together…

    oh, and did mom leave the tags on? cause if she did, you should totally take em back and get store credit for them. not that i’ve ever done that…*snort*

  9. p.s. i think he looks a helluva lot like mike in that pic…

  10. Mamacita Chilena says:

    I call my mom Rita. Mrs. Rita if I’m trying to be respectful.

  11. Sarcomical says:

    i love it! so cute (both of you.)

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