Happy VD!

I had to take Nathan to the doctor yesterday because he has two ear infections raging his huge head. The doctor said to use warm drops of olive oil instead of fancy homeopathic drops. I wish I had known that before we bought fancy lavender scented ORGANIC ear drops with a woman breastfeeding on the box. I think there might have been a moon in the background because I thought the only thing that would soothe the savage beast my child has transformed into would be a hippie store with a whole shelf dedicated to womb-moon correlations.

I was not prepared for how messy it would be and how Nathan would rather stick his finger into his slicked ear canal and then proceed to touch everything in the living room. And this would be fine if I wanted to have couch scallopini, but I don’t. I don’t want to live in Olive Garden where they say when you’re there you’re family when my real family has never told me that it’ll be a 45 minute to an hour wait before we’ll be seated nor have they ever huffed out an arms akimbo response of, “No, Ma’am, we won’t watch your child while you wait in the bar.”

But the drops seem to be working, which is enough reason for us to leave Nathan with his daycare provider so we can go on a date! A real date! And my internet friend, if you can guess which taco bus we’ll be dining in tonight, you get a gold star. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Well, I had to google “taco bus,” because I had no idea what it was, whether an actual place to get something to eat, or some kind of sexual reference that I was too naive to understand. šŸ˜‰ But now that I see that they are BUSES at which TACOS and other assorted tasty Mexican goodies are sold, I may just have to travel to Seattle to go to one.

  2. I’m putting my money on one of the fine White Center taco buses, perhaps the one adjacent to Samway Market. Ole! Ian and I celebrated VD yesterday in the trolley car at Ye Olde Spaghetti Factory. One woman’s taco is another woman’s spaghetti and meat sauce. Foxy.

  3. mrs. blogoway says:

    I had tacos last night… must be something in the air. (or are you just jazzing us again?)

    Hope you have fun and hope Nathan’s ears feel better. (I used to work at a health food store and we used to see a lot of kids with ear problems from drinking cows milk). Don’t know if he eats dairy but a lot of kids can’t handle the mucus it causes.) That sounded grosser than I meant it to;-)

  4. grrltraveler says:

    My favorite one is the one behind McLendon’s… Yum! But the seating is better at the one closer to Burien!

  5. jmc: Life is not the same after experiencing a taco bus.

    drew: gold star for you!

    mrs. blogoway: that’s worth experimenting, but Nathan can tell something’s up if he can’t taste the cow hormones.

    grrltraveler: I love that taco bus because it is an actual bus! Filled with tacos and other foods! Who woke up early with that level of genius?

  6. taco bus sounds absolutely horrifying

  7. Taco…BUS? I know each of those words individually, but not together.

    Love your description of the box of ear drops.

  8. Poor Nathan!

    Glad he is well enough so that you can fill your belly with tacos.


  9. Marianas Eye says:

    Hey Mona,

    I just read your piece in MP magazine, and enjoyed it. Well done!


  10. Taco buses/trucks are the fab

  11. Couch scallopini- I love that. Not if it were occurring in my house though.

  12. Chickenbells says:

    Maybe you could get him to polish all the wood in the house instead of the couch? And a taco in a bus? Whatever…tacos anywhere are wonderful!!

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