Mona and the almost-President

John Kerry

I saw John Kerry speak. This brings the total list of famous people I have met in person up to two. The first famous person I ever met was Levar Burton. I was at a world youth conference in Hawaii and he came to speak. I don’t even remember what gems of advice I plucked from his panel discussion, but I do remember a table of Austrian teens interrupting by belting out the Reading Rainbow theme song.

And if you’re wondering, John Kerry is one tall brother. Levar Burton is the size of your average lawn gnome.

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  1. The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ says:

    I shook Kerry’s hand at three different campaign events in 2004. I’ve got a few autographs.

    John Edwards is Gay.

  2. I’ve met Mike Huckabee! I have! He came here to speak about his health kick once. He lost like a bajillion pounds a couple of years ago or whatever.

  3. Chickenbells says:

    Wow…I met Depeche Mode after a concert at a dance club once…they were super nice…well, the one’s I met anyway…Dave Ghan was making out with some beautiful Asian woman…come to think about it, they all had a bunch of Asian women around…None of them were that tall though…Depeche Mode, not the Asian Women…well, I guess they weren’t that tall either really…

  4. Aaaah yes… John Kerry. Why is it that every time I see him I ask, “Why the long face?”

    He truly is the only man I know that could eat oats out of a butter churn.

  5. Mamacita Chilena says:

    oh. my god. I LOVE Levar Burton!!!!!!!! Even though his name sounds like “to wash” in spanish.

  6. mac, that is hilarious.

  7. John Cobb, MD says:

    Nice site about almost presidents:

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