This vote is for the children

I have moved on in the Blarch Badness blog showdown! Now I am up against the very witty and multi-syllabic hillku. I figure that the only way to win this is to dust off my 1995 copy of Mortal Kombat cheat codes or shamelessly employ my internet friends to vote for me.

I’ve hired Nathan as my lead campaign strategist. He feels the best tactic is to stick a tube of toothpaste in your face until you clickety-click my name.

into the tube

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  1. ok but only because he looks like he could deliver some serious smackdown.

  2. For you?

    I will click.

  3. Nothing like the threat of clean teeth to get the vote out!

  4. oh but he is wily

  5. yay!

    anything for mo!

  6. mrs. blogoway says:

    I voted. You’re good with 58% right now:-)

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