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We didn’t make it to Taco Del Bus thanks to my cold that has reappeared, now with 30% more unattractiveness! Mike, Nathan and I celebrated a family Valentine’s Day at Casa de Denny’s. Have you ever driven by Denny’s or some other chain diner and wondered, “It’s Valentine’s Day, who would eat there?” Let me answer that: I would. And Mike would. And Nathan would, but only because we strap him into a high chair and stuff star-shaped nuggets into his toddler maw. Our low-brow family dining preferences combined with my lifelong ambivalence toward flowers (starbucks gift card > soon to be dead roses) made for a a wonderful evening with my two favorite boys.

Also, My dear friend Deece knitted me a scarf with pockets! It is a beautiful creation that just blows my mind because now I do not have to go to Target to pick up new mittens or steal gloves from hobos (again). I wish I had some yarn or knitting vernacular because all I can say is that it is very well done.

a scarf with pockets!

And in addition to a fabulous pocketed scarf, she knitted matching hats for Mike and Nathan. See how much Nathan loves it?

father and son hat

And here’s a question: Do I look Japanese? I mean, if you didn’t know that I’m Chamorro and from Saipan, would you think, “Wow, she could totally be backup for Gwen Stefani and giggle whenever Gwen says, ‘Super kawaii!'”

Domo, my internet tomodachis!

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  1. Matching hats = adorable.
    Yeah I think you could pass for japanese. Planning on trying out for Gwen’s next tour or something? Ready to bust your fly moves?

  2. Oh, I’m totally with you: soon-to-be-pee coffee totally trumps soon-to-be-mulch flowers.

  3. thecandyqueen says:

    I would probably guess Pacific Islander because those Harajuku girls seems pretty dumb and you don’t. I never understood why, in a world of political correctness, Gwen Stefani never got any flak for making a group of Asian girls follow her around?? Seems outta whack. You should be one for Halloween next year! I’ll be Gwen and you can follow me around?!

  4. un sanganni yu na chamoru hao, lao kao un kumpreprendi hafa ilelekhu? hahaha. btw, cool @$$ blog, kirida

  5. mrs. blogoway says:

    Damn it, do you always have to be so funny?

    I went to Denny’s one time after seeing the Pixies in concert with a group of friends. One of my friends had had too much to drink and was staying in the car. So I’m sitting there in the booth (facing the huge window) eating a Denny’s Combo and I can see my friend throwing up in the parking lot. Now that’s classy dining.

    P.S. I got a Starbucks card for V-day, too. Score.

  6. Starbucks gift cards win my heart every time!

  7. Wow! My knit goods, or Deece’s Pieces if you will, look so much better when photographed with your kick ass camera. I’m going to have to send you more stuff. šŸ™‚

  8. Would you like a scarf with mittens on the ends instead of pockets? Hmmm, that sounds interesting. Or gloves? Whoa, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.

  9. Those knitted goods are fabulous! Lucky you!

    And don’t feel bad, we had to have Christmas Eve at Denny’s once . . . the one they are trying to save as a historical landmark.

  10. Oh, The Joys says:

    I love scarf pockets! (Though mine is only fleece.)

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