West Seattle Blog is your new bicycle

My Blarch Badness interview is up at Seattle Metblogs (Thanks Dylan!) and I’m glad I got to share my mad love for my round competitor and gracious nominator, West Seattle Blog. I’ve been very fortunate to have even been included in this Battle in Seattle and to have made it this far, but I believe West Seattle Blog deserves the prizes, which include a one-night stay at Hotel Max *and* winning the internet.

So, in the spirit of praising already awesome people for their fictional but still awesome doings, I’d like to tell you why you should vote for West Seattle Blog:

1. WSB rotated your tires

2. WSB wants your chocolate chip cookie recipe

3. When you put on makeup, WSB asks, “Why ruin perfection?”

4. WSB learned how to say “I love you just the way you are” in five different languages

5. WSB won’t play Fog Hat’s “Slowride” on Guitar Hero unless you’re on the second controller

6. WSB loves your hugs and high-fives

7. WSB says you win at life

8. When WSB orders coffee, they don’t leave room for cream, they leave room for more awesome

9. WSB taught you to not to put eggs and milk in the same grocery bag because they’ll catch odors

10. WSB just wants you to have a good time

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  1. If this is a meme we are hopelessly clueless because WSB Is Old Enough to Be Yo’ Mama. But we’ll ask the 12-year-old and see if he can break away from lolcat creation long enough to explain it to our clueless selves. And in the spirit of The Only Bad Publicity Is No Publicity, thanks for the mention, no matter what. It’s really a fair fight at this point because we’re not shilling for it on the home page. Next round, though, if we make it that far. Kthxbai.

  2. thecandyqueen says:

    You’re so money, baby! Pretty soon you’ll have to change your name from Ramona to Ramoney!

  3. 11. One of the fine ladies who writes for WSB is my gentleman friend’s mama.

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