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This week has been wracked with the work-related weary. I have had countless meetings and these meetings started to pile up, their agenda-limbs and transcribed-minute-arms tangling into each other until they refused to conduct themselves unless someone showed up with a velvet-bagged bottle of Crown Royale. And while that metaphor makes absolutely no sense, it does explain why there’s a recurring line in my Outlook calendar that reads: KEGGER.

But today is Friday and the internet is leaking clickety-click goodness: first there’s another episode of My So-Called Life on abc.com and I am loving the crushed-velvet babydoll dresses and early 90s teen angst! And this week’s repeat is a better version of that Saved By the Bell episode in which Zach dumps his fat date for the cheap bottle-blonde but somehow in twenty minutes he redeems himself by dumping the blonde openly at the dance and swaying with Ms. Token Fat-People-Have-Feelings-Too.

Second, Jezebel’s friday fine-lines feature is up! Lizzie Skurnick whips out the kind of rich wit that makes me want to forget writing and crawl into a cave because I will never be that brilliant. And since West Seattle doesn’t have any caves, I could use my talentless hands to wield a spork and dig into the side of a hill.

On her review of My Darling, My Hamburger, she summed up my entire history of painful and misaligned female friendships: “Liz tells Maggie her hair looks like ‘thin fungus,’ and Maggie loves her anyway, because, as Liz asserts, ‘it’s true,’ and anyway, Liz has the kind of remote, galactic beauty that causes lesser planetary objects to be pulled into her orbit effortlessly, periodically setting them aflame as they burn through upon entry.

And thirdly, I am numero uno in the Blarch Badness People category! Way to go my internet friends! Please continue to clickety-click “Kirida,” until the polls close on Tuesday, my self-esteem thanks you! Biba!

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  1. I voted! You are WAY in the lead!

    It’s because you kick ass. Proud of you!

  2. rinnaphelia says:

    Wow, can’t get abc’s site to come up. Your blog must have inspired so many people to watch My So Called Life that it just crashed.

    I voted for you too, cus your blog is the cool like Jordan Catalono.

  3. mrs. blogoway says:

    Can I vote again? I’m gonna go check right now.

    P.S. Nice reference to Crown:-)

  4. i swore when i grew up i wouldn’t remain stuck in one period of my life, especially one ridden with angst and irrationality. yet, just the mention of crushed velvet babydoll dresses gets my heart a-racin’. or hearing some unexpected nirvana. or trying on some chuck taylors at the mall, even if i didn’t buy them… dammit.

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