I have to throw a going-away party for my favorite co-worker ever. Unfortunately, I will not be able to go to Costco to pick up food and beverages. So halp me please! What are good, bountiful and reasonably priced party foods for about thirty people? Also, if you have any any good co-worker goodbye things to do other than signing a card, throw them my way!

My internet friend, you are a smart one. I bet you can get through Sudoku without looking at the answers!

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  1. annenahm says:

    Whenever I go to parties, everyone serves lasagna. And then everyone else says, “oooh! This is such good lasagna did you make it?”

    And the host/ess always says, “noooo… It is Costco lasagna! Isn’t it good?”

    And then the next time you go to a party, the new host (who previously asked about lasagna) serves Costco lasagna, and all the people (including the MFs who just served the same damn Costco Lasagna two weeks ago) say, “ooooh… This is so good. Is it homemade?”

    I don’t know what game they are all playing, pretending the same lasagna in the same tin foil with the same balled up little pieces of sausage is something they don’t recognize.

    But end story? Word on the street is that the Costco lasagna kicks ass.

  2. The sushi platters at Central Market are pretty good. I hear that Fred Meyer also makes good sushi platters, too. But I realize that sushi might not be good for all, so feel free to ignore this suggestion.

    I just used the word “good” three times. And I went to college to be a writer? Yikes.

  3. Chik-fil-a has a CHICKEN NUGGET platter. OMG it is Ghetto Fabulous (slash delicious and awesome).

    And so are you, so…there you go.

  4. Are you serving a full meal or just appetizers? Because Trader Joe’s has a great selection of appetizer-type foods that are usually a hit at parties. Is this co-worker moving on to something new? Could you tie that into a theme? We had a coworker who left to road trip all the way back home to Kansas so we all pitched in Seattle-type things and goodies into a road trip bag plus a gas card.

    Oh! I love planning parties!

  5. thecandyqueen says:

    Just get one of those super long sub sandwiches!


  7. I’m with Candyqueen. Super long subs from Subway. Cheap, easy and a fan favorite.

  8. Pickles & Dimes says:

    Subs are pretty easy and cheap.

    For one coworker’s goodbye card, we designed a card to look like the front page of a small-town newspaper, and then we wrote 3-4 really short articles about the coworker with Onion-esque headlines.

    “Area Employee’s Over-Consumption of Caribou Coffee Sets Off Bean Shortage”

    “Area Employee Sets Guinness World Record For Most Overhead Pages”


  9. Husky Deli is in yr neighborhood, catering yr parties.


    Also, Safeway will deliver. Also, Metro Market does catering and box lunches.

    Online ordering for all!

    As far as goodbye things, no one tosses out a gift card. Or a snow globe. Or bacon of the month club.


  10. Everyone loves to dip, no? How about a layer dip (beans, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, fresh tomatoes)? Ooo and add a crockpot full of queso dip. And of course chips and salsa. I need a margarita STAT!

  11. I was about to recommend a big 7-layer dip and some meat, cheese, and veggie trays from the grocery store, but then I saw the comment about chic-fil-a chicken nugget trays and could no longer think of anything else besides sweet, sweet chicken nuggets.

  12. skiplovey says:

    I’m a big fan of snacks like hummus and pita, chips and salsa, cheese and crackers, french bread and bruschetta dip. You can also get a couple of hot items like a large spanikopita or a lasagna and cut it into appetizers size portions. a pasta salad is a rounder-outer. a cake, some pop and you’re good to go.

  13. You could do those veggie pizzas, ones made with Pillsbury dough and ranch+cream cheese with veggies on top. Other good apps are fruit and cheese tray. Also, nice potato and pasta salads. Wraps with meat, tuna, chicken salad. All these foods are not that messy, no tomato sauce drips on blouses and all can find something to enjoy!

  14. Well. All your OTHER commentors took my answers. I’ll just go over here and sulk.

  15. mrs. blogoway says:

    Wings are cheap if you make them yourself. They have great recipes on foodnetwork.com

  16. Cut up some hotdogs and saute’ them with onions and soysauce…CHAMORU style šŸ™‚

  17. Mayberry says:

    OK everyone else had the same ideas I had. For the gift — is she moving to another job, or out of the area? If another job, maybe send her flowers to the new place when she starts.

    I like the Onion idea too. When I worked in magazines we would always do cover mockups for the person who was leaving, with her face on the cover. Best coverline ever: “50 Powerful Men I Would Like to Blow.”

  18. annenahm says:

    Oh shit! I am so sorry! I misread that you were going to Costco. I suck.

  19. Pasta!
    A big salad, roasted peppers, cheese, herbs, mixed greens and soem yummy dressing.
    Also, I am in the Southwest so…I tend to love making a Enchilada Casserole. So good!!

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