the afterparty is at my body!

I attended two parties on Friday and my schedule hasn’t been that booked since Little House on the Prairie and Golden Girls were on TV at the same time!

The first party was my co-worker’s farewell gathering which was expectedly tearful and poignant and unexpectedly yum in the tum thanks to my sesame oil-soy sauce marinated party wings. I had to make an additional plate of wings sans sesame oil because I forgot that my co-worker’s allergic to sesame seeds. Oops!

I guess I should tell you now, dear internet friend, that I am a few IQ points above whatever it is that would legally declare me mentally disabled. Also, I was on my eighth grade Mathcounts team, but only so I could practice pecking out 0.38206537 on my T1-83. If you flipped the calculator upside down, the numbers would read: LESGO2BED. See also: 5318008 for BOOBIES! (I think my new tagline should be: No election coverage here!)

The second party was the Metroblogging Blarch Badness Awards ceremony held at the Skylark Cafe. I got to rub elbows with Monica Guzman from The Big Blog, Pam from Nerd’s Eye View, and Dylan, CeRo and Beth from Seattle Metblogs.

And I finally met the tech trifecta team known as the West Seattle Blog! I was very excited to meet the people whose nomination had entered me into the fray. Tracy and Patrick are an awesome power couple whose son’s iPod is stocked with classic rock. I am hoping Nathan’s future iPod will follow suit, but it will most likely house early JLo, 50 Cent, and maybe N*Sync’s second album which would cause Mike to launch the device at my head and shout, “THIS IS ALL YOUR DOING, WOMAN!”

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  1. Oh how you crack me up.

  2. Even funnier than whatever “Flutter” is cracking up about is the concept of putting us in the same zip code, much less the same sentence, as the phrase “power couple.” We are such low-power hermits, we know our next-door neighbor’s name only because she just sent us a note at 2 am today saying the neighborhood just found out that us weird people who’ve been hiding behind the overgrown hedges for 15 years are the people responsible for That Blog. But anyway, we were THRILLED to meet Kirida Herself and that made it worth putting our hermitishness aside for the evening.

  3. Christina says:

    It’s nice to know somebody else shares my love of great television programming. I burned myself out a little bit on LHOP and Golden Girls though when I was 7-9 mos pregnant and then on maternity leave by watching EVERY available episode EVERY day. That meant about 4 episodes of each, DAILY. Lifetime, TVLand and the Hallmark Channel became my new best friends lmao. For about 6 months. Sad, sad existence I had!

  4. Monica Guzman says:

    Hey — great to meet you at the party! And what a cool writing style …

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