What Was I Thinking: Special Monday Issue

Nathan pre-powter

This was my son last night, quietly contemplating how he had never received a terrible haircut in his whole life.

Nathan Powter!

This is Nathan this morning, after a failed haircut and an even worse job to even said haircut. I wish I had a time travel device to step back to 6:30 AM to snatch the scissors and electric clippers from my bleary-eyed delusional self. It started out with a trim, but then Nathan jerked his head and I thought I could shear off a bit to even it out. And five minutes later, I turned my son into a Susan Powter look-alike.

susan powter!

Luckily, his hair grows as quickly as mine and he’s completley oblivious that his mother has made his hair mirror that of a early 90’s exercise loon. I can’t even blame this fiasco on stuck gum or lice–he’s developed a serious case of Incompetent Parent. If his hair grows back to its lucious length, you’ll know it’s in remission.

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  1. Type (little) a says:

    Oh Mona.

    Stop the insanity!

    Fortunately, he is a boy and no one cares what he looks like. Err, I mean, his hair will look normal in like 2 weeks.

    Confession time: my daughter is almost 4 and she has never had a haircut. We’re aspiring Pentecostals or something.

  2. mrs. blogoway says:

    He definitely looks better with a little more hair, but hey..he’s still cute. Live and learn, right?

  3. Well, at least he hasn’t taken to wearing the magenta lipstick…yet. He’s just so danged cute, no matter what…and it’s getting warm soon right? I mean, less hair is more comfortable!!

  4. skiplovey says:

    He’s still totally adorable, buzz cut n’ all. I’m sure next week it’ll be grown out already.

  5. nathan and i both got a haircut and i think i’m liking his alot more.

  6. thecandyqueen says:

    my mom used to look like Susan Powter too. Did you know she lives on Bainbridge Island? Or one of the islands at least.

  7. Oh, like he can correct you if you blame him. I’d go for “gum in the hair,” myself, since “got into the scissors” sounds more negligent.

  8. jonniker says:

    I think it’s kind of cute. Does that make me lame?

  9. Oh, let’s just face facts – you have totally embarassed him in front of all of his friends, whom he will now have to make excuses for you and the haircut, like you hadn’t had your coffee yet, or you were trying to watch Gilmore Girls and cut hair at the same time, and they will razz him as kids do. Just one more thing that will haunt him for life.

  10. Pickles & Dimes says:

    He’s a cutie pie either way!

  11. He’s still a cutie!

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