while you were thinking that last night’s episode of LOST had the most unrealistic birth scene EVER

Thank you everyone for all the fabulous party tips! What would I do without you guys? Weep openly of course!

I bought several bags of chips with accompanying five-layer bean dip, salsa, and spinach artichoke dip. I cooked up party wings with a sesame oil and soy sauce marinade. There will also be two vegetable platters as well as crackers and brie. Fancy!

I wish I had thought of Pickles and Dimes’ Onion-esque idea, though I don’t think the higher-ups would look favorably at a BJ wish-list, but thanks Mayberry! Instead, I photoshopped my co-worker’s face onto the Terminator 2: Judgment Day movie poster with the words, “HASTA LA VISTA!” above her head. How’s that for a poignant bi-lingual pop culture reference?

I’m still bummed because I am losing the closest co-worker I have ever had. Since we live only blocks away, we have carpooled every day. Each ride we have shared our daily ongoings, quips about hot celebrity pretend boyfriends, and criticism of the baristas who put too much foam. And at work, I’ve had this phenomenal colleague who’s funny and resourceful and never sneers at the multitude of folders on my desk.

So I’m hoping that this party is a success because the last bash I threw was my sixth grade slumber party and I had two girls who utterly hated each other in attendance. It was as if I had locked two feral cats in a trunk. Not even my Miss Piggy pajamas could lighten the mood.

And apropos of nothing, if you’re in the Seattle area, you should attend tonight’s Metroblogging Blarch Badness Awards ceremony. I’ll be there! And if you’re not in Seattle, could you just get out of my dreams and into my car, my internet friend! That would be great!

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  1. “Not even my Miss Piggy pajamas could lighten the mood.” Wow, that must have been bad then cuz those should work EVERY time.

    I’ve never been to a Seattle Blog-related party thingamajig before.

  2. mrs. blogoway says:

    I’m sorry you’re losing your friend. That sucks!

    The party food sounds great. I wish I worked there.

  3. Mayberry says:

    What kind of an uptight place do you work anyway?

    I am sorry, too, that your friend is leaving, though.

  4. Wait… but the kid actually had goo on it. Doesn’t that mean that it was the most *realistic* birth scene EVER???

    (Beth from the MB meetup!)

  5. grrltraveler says:

    It sounds like a GREAT party but I’m sorry you’re losing such a cool co-worker. Those are definitely few and far between…

  6. sizzle: It’s fun!

    mrs. blogoway: you would have helped me with my party dilemma.

    mayberry: I might use the fellatio top ten for another party!

    beth: It could have been more authentic? But then it wouldn’t be TV! BTW: it was nice to meet you!

    grrltraveler: Thanks.

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