angels and pancakes: not what you think

Whenever I see the word “bebe,” I never think of babies or the overpriced clothing store because in my native language, Chamorro, “bebe” means vagina. “Bebe” is pronounced with the same “eh” sound as in “beg.”

My mom hates saying “bebe,” because she thinks the word is too ugly and instead prefers calling it a pancake, pronounced with the same “ah” as those tweaked-out multicolored women who sing “Wanna wanna wanna faaanta?” (I couldn’t find that fanta commercial, but I did find this crazy Japanese one. You’re welcome.)

My mother has also opted to call it an “angel,” effectively ruining both breakfast AND heaven for me.

Does your family harbor any strange vaginal euphemisms?

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  1. Well, when I married into my husband’s family, I discovered that my MIL called it a “jigaboo,” which was a racist word where I grew up.

  2. Ha! Angel? Then does that make the penis a Demon?

    In my family we refrain from talking about those things entirely. I come from good old Scandinavian repressed stock.

  3. My mom ONLY called it by its proper biological name and NEVER mentioned it had nicknames. You can imagine what a hit I was in high school.

  4. My baby sister used to call it her “bungina”.

    I think I’ll just show Emily that 70’s PSA and teach her how to say “vulva”.

  5. Chickenbells says:

    Lordy…it must be a real trial for you to see BeBe clothing all over…How do you not run around telling people and pointing and laughing? Then again, maybe you do…

    OK…we call it a Hoo-Hoo now, my sister called it a scrawtch, and my GG is very old school (94 years old) and they use to call it a Dumpy…

  6. thecandyqueen says:

    HILARIOUS! Since my parents never had a sex talk with me, I don’t have anything weird to call it. I remember reading the “Where did I come from” book when I was little though, so I always knew the word vagina. However, I did have a friend once who called it a kitty!

  7. mrs. blogoway says:

    We laugh a lot about that Oprah clip on “The Soup” where she’s saying, “My vah-jay-jay is tainted”. Not sure what was going on there. Another fun thing to call it is “pack”. We got that from Napolean Dynamite.Taco is funny too but no one in my family really calls it that. Well, I’m off to make some buckwheat pancakes…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Yupe, pancake is what the old ones used to call it., mine too..but it has been some time though that I am used to hearing “my butterfly” My honey calls her that since ever since. Love it!

  9. thecandyqueen says:

    OMG! Look! Bebe is looking for a copywriter:

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  11. My mom called the vagina a “FLOWER” totally the opposite of what it really is.

  12. spaholic says:

    My mom never say a thing about it ,she refering vayjayjay as “it”

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