I need a hero

it's spring!

Yesterday, after Mike and I had finished buying some flowers for our yard, he loaded into the trunk while I strapped Nathan into his car seat. I had just clicked him in when I noticed our cart speedily rolling down the parking lot, headed for a very expensive car door. I bolted across the pavement, jolted by my fear that we would have to replace a part that was worth more than our cars combined.

Luckily, my huge man-hands were able to clutch the handle before the blunt metal corner would eat away all our Disneyland money. I wheeled the cart back to our car, pointing out to Mike that I HAD JUST SAVED US A LOT OF MONEY. He said, “Thanks babe”–not exactly the Extreme Home Makeover MOVE! THAT! BUS! hysteria I was expecting.

So now I’m thinking of retelling this story, only replacing “shopping cart” with “stroller carrying a crying newborn” and “parked car” with “rushing oncoming traffic.” What kind of world do we live in where one will think I’m a hero for saving some perennials.

What kinds of heroic feats have you performed? Have you cleared a paper jam in the office printer? Pushed an old woman out harm’s way? Or just pushed an old woman? Tell me!

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  1. Mayberry says:

    Dove across the backseat of a car to catch my daughter’s vomit before it splattered all over the interior of said (expensive, not our) car.

    Take that Superman!

  2. thecandyqueen says:

    I am not a hero. But I wanted to tell you that you really NEED to get the Lifetime Movie Network! I can’t tell you how many made for tv movies I watched this weekend with Keri Russell and/or Kellie Martin! AWESOME!

  3. What you did is pretty stinkin’ awesome if you ask me.

  4. I TOTALLY cleared a paper jam last week. It was epic. Where is my medal?

  5. Chickenbells says:

    I just found a wonderful shirt on sale for my beau this weekend that saved him A LOT of money. He didn’t necessarily want or need the shirt, and it may not even fit him or look good, but money was saved…

  6. mrs. blogoway says:

    I saw my husband eating some french bread one time and I said, “I think that has mold growing on it.” I’m pretty sure I saved his life.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I stopped my car on the highway so an old lady could cross the street. Not necessarily heroic, but still… it deserves attention, don’t you think?

    OH. And to think some guy tried to steal my thunder! He came running out of nowhere to help her cross the street! THEN I heard him say, “I made these cars stop for you, ma’am.” PSHAWWWW! I stopped even before I saw you, you thunder stealing jerk face!


  8. Sandy C. says:

    That save could have easily amounted to an all inclusive resort stay.

    I’ve performed CPR on a few dozen babies, but more recently I escorted a spider out of the house before the bug sniping husband found it.

  9. I heroically changed the first morning nappy – one that we could smell from our bedroom. I survived just but my nasal hairs may never be the same!

  10. My most heroic moment was probably when I broke the plastic chair I was sitting in and I fell on my butt and back but protected my infant daughter from harm. I got skillz.

    Oh wait, last week I walked down the hall next to Lyn, seperating her from the green lizard on the wall. That way the lizard wouldn’t jump on Lyn. Now that’s heroic!

  11. I had just got out of my car when a rogue shopping cart came FLYING by me, FULL of groceries. I looked across the parking lot and noticed the owner (hands full) just staring in disbelief.


    That cart hit so hard… if he was playing a game… he would’ve sank that other guy’s battleship.

    Get this… the guy panics, gets in his car, and drives off… leaving the groceries behind.

    Could I have stopped the cart…? maybe… but the rat bastard inside me that loves to see fat people fall said, “Just let it go dude.”

    Call me Captian A-Hole

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