Saturday night with Ed

Last night, our family drove out to Federal Way to meet Ed, his wife Daisy and kids Kiki and Devin at his in-laws’ place. His in-laws are named Mike and Mona. Luckily, they do not have a son named Nathan or a cosmic hole would have ripped in the time-space continuum.

The last time I visited Saipan I was at my skinniest ever (read: fiiiiine! and unrecognizable!), so Ed and I concocted an idea to trick his father Ivan into thinking I was really a Japanese exchange student named Satomi. When he introduced me to his dad, I made a full bow and squealed a high-pitched, “So nice to meet chooo!” It was so hilarious because because he was so confused until we admitted that I was really Mona, only skinnier, kawaii-er and no longer Bacon Monster Desu! I guess you had to be there. And in possession of some Japanese language skills. And also drinking. KAMPAI!!!

Ed is a professional photographer and gave me some helpful hints on using my camera.

Like screaming into my son’s ear, “SMILE DAMNIT!”

He also captured the face I give when I’m watching the scene in Pride and Prejudice where Colin Firth’s in the copper bathtub. Or watching the chef at Benihana transform onions into steaming volcanoes. It’s like science for my tummy!

We also made our sons kiss. Ed’s son Devin has the most beautiful boy curls. I’m sure Nathan’s hair could be as beautiful had I not turned him into Calliou (without the incessant whining and alopecia–for real, the kid’s FOUR, where’s his hair? The lyrics insist that every day he grows some more? In every area but hair?).

I love these photos when babies are allowed to be loving toward each other, giving and throwing kisses. This time is so short and fleeting and soon, Nathan will be huffing at me that it’s awkward to kiss another boy for the camera and could I please just drop him off at mall, but don’t stop the car and acknowledge that we’re related, he’ll just tuck and roll?

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  1. Butrfly Garden says:

    omagah…in stitches…can’t comment.

  2. Thanks to you, that incessant theme song will be playing in my head forEVER…

  3. Ed never told you about the time we dressed him up as a girl to sneak him into our house? Edwina

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