so this is love

Sometimes I stick secret love notes for my husband to find with cute schmoopy messages. I tucked a note in the fish food which read, “Of all the fish in the sea, I’m glad I found you.” Another time I left a note in his sock drawer which said, “You knock my socks off!” That’s right. Live at 11: Mona’s cold black heart spews out something other than biting sarcasm.

The last note I left was this:

message to my husband

His reply:

message from my husband

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  2. So good.

  3. BWAHAHA!! do you rent him out for parties.

    Wait, that sounded bad…

  4. Hilarious.

  5. mrs. blogoway says:

    I feel sick. Not used to seeing the sickening sweet side of you. Is tonight a lunar eclipse or something?

  6. Classic husband note — I love it!

  7. Chickenbells says:


  8. willikat says:

    i just laughed so hard i cried.

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