wasn’t this guy on Little House and the Prairie?

wasn’t this guy on Little House and the Prairie?
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  1. Yikes. Why does the monk(?) look so sheepish?

  2. He totally was.

    The monk is freaky.

  3. mrs. blogoway says:

    My husband is a TV/movie genius and he says that guys name is Merlin Olsen.

  4. Why, yes. Yes he was. I think he was Pa’s friend. Speaking of which, Pa had a lot of friends, but I don’t believe Ma had any. Could she have been a closet bitch?

  5. Christina says:

    OMG yes – that was Johnathan Harvy (sp?)!!! His wife, Alice, was in fact one of Caroline’s friends but at some point she got sick and died. I think she ran the paper in Walnut Grove.

    Johnathan and his son moved to the big city after the Ingall’s did eventually, after Alice died. TOOOOOO funny that he is the FTD guy. Love the magazine clippings.

  6. I, too, am a TV Savant of sorts… and just had to point out that it’s Little House ON the Prairie… and he played Pa’s best friend, his wife was the school teacher, and his kid got in trouble one episode for steaking the test out of his ma’s drawer and giving it to Nellie Olsen! Gasp!

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