awesome. not awesome.

A couple of weeks ago, Mike introduced me to a radio show called Too Beautiful to Live hosted by Luke Burbank. I wouldn’t have ever listened because it’s on an AM station and also from 7 to 10 PM, a time when I’m either asleep or eating Werther’s Originals and yelling at kids to get off my lawn. What I love about this show (you can listen to their audio archives) is that it’s the radio version of everything I see on the internet. I’m going to pilfer their regular feature of “Awesome! Not Awesome!” in which they sort news and personal anecodates into the only categories that matter: awesome or not awesome.

Awesome: I reviewed a wonderful and inspiring book called The Boss of You and one of the authors left a comment! Read the review to find out why I love this book so much it should be sold in the AWESOME! section of Barnes and Noble.

Not Awesome: The rising cost of gas has caused a swath of new people to start taking the bus, specifically, every bus route I’m on. I applaud most of these eco-friendly, budget-conscious commuters, but I have to slam a big “NOT AWESOME” stamp on those who do not apply common sense to rides like placing their Whole Foods tote bags on the seats next to them instead of on their laps or those who fall asleep and spread their acid-washed jean donning legs into the other seat. And also under the not awesome umbrella: those who insist on loudly yapping on their cell phone about some juice stain they got “on the ass part of the pants.” The ass part of the pants? Really?

Awesome: Memorial Day weekend! I hung out with Grrltraveler and her adorable family.

grrltraveler and family

E. and Nathan

Check out E. and Nathan hanging out, their legs crossed, Nathan’s hands folded like an 80-year-old. Couldn’t you just die? I hope he’s this sweet with girls, but I have a feeling I’m going to have to explain to other kindergarten moms that I did not teach my son those Cheech and Chong jokes and he doesn’t depants people at home.

We also hung had a barbecue at Lisa and Branan’s where Nathan and Cooper had a stare down.

nathan and cooper

Awesome: This weekend I also sorted through some boxes and found a treasure trove of old pictures and high school journals. I found this photo, a digital illustration of hair possibilities, only it looks like it was taken with a 1997-era digital camera and later slapped together in MS Paint.


my hair is really like this

This is what my hair really looks like if I let it air dry. I think this should be my new passport photo.

Whenever I see blonde women with black eyebrows, I think, “Wow. That’s natural.” Unfortunately, the only time I ever dyed my hair blonde, I got instead a shade of hooker orange, which is a good thing to know in case I ever want to change careers.

So tell me, what’s been awesome or not awesome in your world?

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  1. Type (little) a says:

    I have one of those hypothetical hair thing-ys too!!

    My BFF got a COSMO CD-ROM (christ we’re ancient) and I had to scan pictures that I developed!!

  2. Mayberry says:

    I loved that the author left a comment! That was great.

    awesome: today is my husband’s birthday.
    not awesome: he’s on some kind of “diet” and doesn’t want a cake.

  3. thecandyqueen says:

    I just ordered that book The Boss of You per your recommendation and I’m very excited to start reading it. Love the hair! That’s what mine looks like air-dried too! Damn it, Mona, why is it not Friday yet?

  4. I love this! I’m stealing it as a post idea today. Hope you don’t mind!

  5. I went to buy that book on Tuesday! But sadly, Barnes & Nobble don’t have any copies yet.

    Also, the bottom middle is my favorite hair style. I think you should bring in that picture next time you need a new do.

  6. Awesome is that my laundry hampers aren’t over-flowing.

    Not awesome is that I haven’t been on time to drop my daughter off at preschool all week! Oh, and I bought Oreo Cakesters at the grocery store yesterday – bad move.

  7. Angella says:

    Thanks to your email this morning, I plan on ordering the book!

    Awesome: New website! Woo!

    Not so awesome: Three poopy bums I get to wipe on a daily basis.


  8. Awesome: My kids are ALL currently in bed for the night.

    Not awesome: Night is only about 10 hours.

  9. mrs. blogoway says:

    too funny! The big hair looks like Rick James.

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