On being a Millennial

My friend Drew and her co-worker came over to my house earlier this week to interview me about being a Millennial and what I thought about food products and different brands. Let me tell you my internet friend that I had many notes of social and political import to discuss, but instead, I shared the following:

1. Because I lived on Saipan and did not have the internet, I really believed that Claudia Kishi’s baggy Cosby sweater, stirrup pants and clay earrings were really haute couture.

2. I also believed that when my mother said, “They only sell that toy in the states,” she was telling the truth. Another lie that my mother told me? The “S” on your tag doesn’t stand for “small,” it stands for “STRETCH.”

3. I watched the Real World in awe of all these hip twenty-somethings who were so cool, especially the San Francisco cast with their babydoll dresses, velvet chokers, and crochet vests.

4. Whenever I have miscellaneous ingredients without any real meal plan, I’ll type them all in and include the word “recipe” in my google search. It turns up some recipe that I hadn’t thought of before and doesn’t require that I pull the dish out of the microwave half-way through and stir. Millennial Cooking 101!

5. I identify mostly with Millenials born in the early 80s, those who also watched shows like Hey Dude, Clarissa Explains It All, Roundhouse, Chip ‘N’ Dale Rescue Rangers, Ghostwriter and Ready or Not.

Also, Drew wrapped and decorated this wonderful present for Nathan.

Drew wrapped this!

opening his present

nathan's gift from Drew

Please note that Nathan’s hair has grown back considerably since the Susan Powter Makeover ’08 fiasco, but it’s coming in kind of spiky. He looks like he’s on the America’s Next Top Model requisite makeover episode starring as one of the girls who loses her weave only he didn’t have any attitude because he’s two and hasn’t been exposed to polyester hair. Yet.

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  1. That is the BEST BOOK EVER!!! I can recite it from memory.

    I am definitely going to use that google recipe idea. Today I have mushrooms, onions, two slices of american cheese and a packet of lego shaped fruit chews. I’m off to google a recipe!

  2. thecandyqueen says:

    Hmm, am I a millenial or a Gen x-er? That link says 1982-2002 and I was born in ’81. Can I be both? I watched Clarissa Explains it All religiously!

  3. I have never heard of any of those shows. I’m so old. šŸ˜‰

  4. i LOVE that book. There’s a copy in my apartment and there aren’t even any kids around (and it’s not my copy from when I was little, either). Planning to see the film? I heard that it was being re-shot because the first go at it was “too art house.” But who knows…

  5. annenahm says:

    God. I am so old. Old enough to be on a first name basis with the creator.

  6. Butrfly Garden says:

    Hey, I grew up in Wisconsin and thought the same of Claudia.

    And OMGZ, everyone is bringing up all these old shows I used to watch. Remember Pete & Pete? He had the *dancing* lady tatoo? Oh, sweet nostalgia.

    Mike actually suggested YESTERDAY getting the seasons of Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck and Ducktales for the kids this summer (Netflix = Cheap babysitter).

  7. mrs. blogoway says:

    Nathan looks great! And I’m really gonna do that with the ingredient googling. Genius!

  8. Can you also identify with those who watched You Can’t Do That on Television?

  9. skiplovey says:

    Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, yes! Oddly I know that show even though I am not one of you “millennials” or whatever you young whipper snappers want to call yourselves.

  10. i was born in ’78…what does that make me? generation x? or millennial?

  11. The Introvert says:

    OMG! I hadn’t seen the name Claudia Kishi in years, and yet it all came flooding back to me. I wanted to be Mary Anne and have my very own Logan.

  12. Heather B. says:

    OMFG my brother and I still talk about Roundhouse and Are You Afraid of the Dark? And we still reminisce about SNICK in general because what are these young people watching these days??

    And to bring things full circle for you one of the kids from Ghostwriter (I started writing with felt tip pens because of that show) was on the Real World. I think it was two or three seasons ago. His name is Willy and now he’s trying to be a serious actor but all I could think was awesome it was that he got to be on Ghostwriter.

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