Last night, I went to the Sex and the City movie with Drew and her friends Whitney and Alex. As someone who has watched every single episode of the series to the point where I notice characters from the show on other series (i.e. Magda on Law and Order without her Ukrainian accent, pushing Miranda to MAKE PIE!) or people on SATC who show up as different characters (i.e. the episode in the first season where they go to Connecticut for Laney’s baby shower and the woman who says she was a vice president with hundreds of people answering to her and two seasons later she reappears as Carrie and Jon Bon Jovi’s therapist Dr. G!), I had very high expectations. And the movie delivered in every way.

I’m not one of these women who believes she IS Sex and the City. I don’t buy into the overpriced handbag/shoe mantra or that sleeping around like a man is equivalent to Norma Rae holding up a sign that reads “UNION.” SATC was a sweet escapist show that I watched at a particularly delicate part of my twenties and when I watch it, I am brought back to that time when I lived in a small one-bedroom apartment with my high school friend Val. We would watch SATC together, spray our home with AXE deodorant so it would smell like a man had been there, and buy crap from Costco like a belly-dancing workout DVD which we never really watched other than the special features where the ladies danced with swords!

The only problem I had with the Sex and the City movie was that a sweet romantic scene was showing at the same time I needed to pee, so I let myself cry in hopes that I wouldn’t have to leave my seat and I would just pee out my eyes. I told Drew and she said, “If you cry more, you pee less!”

And now that I have watched the movie, I feel like I can return to my regular TV/internet perusing because I know someone wants to ruin it Harry Potter style like those guys who read the book the first day it’s sold then drive around the bookstores yelling out their windows about what happened to Dumbledore.

When we left the movie, the line for the next showing stretched around the whole building. I was tempted to yell out the spoiler, but for other movies and shout out, “KINT IS KEYSER SOZE!” or “PRINCESS LEIA IS LUKE SKYWALKER’S SISTER AND DARTH VADER IS THEIR FATHER!”

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  1. thecandyqueen says:

    Dude! I had to pee right from the beginning of the rehearsal dinner part and I refused to get up and go, so I was kinda miserable the whole time!

  2. Chickenbells says:

    OH…I am so happy it is good! I can’t wait to go see it myself…

  3. i loooooved it! just like you said i would! talk soon babe!

  4. Rebecca says:

    What? Something happens to Dumbledore? 😉

  5. The Saipan Blogger アンジェロ・ビラゴメズ says:

    Bruce Willis is Dead!

  6. liked it. didn’t love it.
    i don’t like my girls are grown up… 😉

  7. I can’t read your post because I haven’t seen the movie yet!

    But that doesn’t mean I don’t luv ya! I’m just putting my fingers in my ears and singing, “lalalalala – I can’t hear you!” 🙂

  8. Sex and The City was so cliché and such a disappointment. For two and a half hours, me an a “buddy” took turns guessing what would happen next… the movie is SO predictable. The only part I didn’t see coming was when Charlotte got sick an dropped a duce in her pants while in Mexico. (I laughed so hard.) That and the full frontal nudity of Samantha’s next door neighbor. (Aaaaand CUT! or was that uncut?)

    On the bright side… my buddy’s taking me to go see “Zohan” next weekend to make up for this.

    PS. Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a foot. (I’m such a hater)

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