the birthday aftermath


We ordered Nathan a volcano cake at The Rainforest Cafe as we had done for his first birthday. At first, Nathan freaked out at the sparkler on the cake and thought it was some brownie beast with fiery appendages. Once we removed the sparkler, he realized that the dessert monster’s innards were filled with rich ice cream and whipped cream and not unicorn tears and crumpled metal remnants of Thomas the Train (though I really wish some mega-mothra-beast could eat up those pissed off trains with the constipated faces–seriously, how difficult is your life when you are a TRAIN and you have a name like PERCY?).

I’m so glad that birthdays are over because now the focus can be on ME and MOTHER’S DAY! Tell me what you’re doing this weekend, my dear internet friend, and in the meantime, let’s listen to an apropos classic from Danzig, shall we? Nothing says love like a horror punk mixtape!

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  1. Banana says:

    I’m going to the West Seattle Garage sale with an 8 page map! Hells yeah. Are you going?

  2. I’m going to the elementary school’s Spring Fair tomorrow and then probably to the in-laws for Mother’s Day.

    That cake looks AWESOME!!! Now I have to go wipe the DROOL off of my keyboard.

  3. Swistle says:

    MMMmmmmm—WANT CAKE.

    I’m not sure what I’m doing this weekend, but when I walked past the older two boys, they yelled at me not to look at what they were coloring, so betcha I’m getting me some cards.

  4. Mayberry says:

    I am getting a ceramic pencil holder shaped like a guitar and painted by a three-year-old. W00t!

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