hanging with drew!


Nathan and I hung out with Drew, the coolest person I know. She made some delicious vegan foods like grilled asparagus and seasoned tofu and pasta salad.

I should mention that the original photo above showcased way more of Drew’s cleavage, so I did a re-shoot. However, if I were the subject of this photo, I would welcome any coverage my boobs receive. After breastfeeding a hulking child, bad boob press is good boob press. Actually, any boob press is good boob press. When I talk, I make it a point to gesture wildly toward my chest, as if my hands are saying, “Hello! My eyes are down here!!”

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  1. thecandyqueen says:

    Jealous! I wanna hang with you guys.

  2. Cleavage or no, a fab time was had by all! Next time we will rally a fierce mob of lady bloggers and take the west side by storm.

  3. stfu? nfw. says:

    The spoon very nicely conceals Drew’s cleavage.

  4. ^^ Was gonna say the same thing ^^

    Fabulous product placement… it looks as if her cleavage runs half way up her chest though. lol.

    Drew… you are super cute.

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