it tastes like burning!

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“sara and i passed this house in whycocomagh on our way to cape breton island, and were both like, “what the hell? STOP THE CAR.” and we turned around and took pictures in some family’s front yard. when the lady who owns the house poked her head out, we apologized, but she said she didn’t mind that we were there.

it turns out she’d made all of these wooden simpsons cutouts herself, from scratch, as a surprise for her son who was graduating from high school. she told us that he’d worked really hard and only took breaks to watch the simpsons. how awesome is that? they were such great quality, really impeccable likenesses. we were really impressed, and had so much fun walking around taking pictures of everything. it was such a neat thing to see these characters smack dab in the middle of the real world. it made for some really interesting shots!”

Oh Canada. I love you.

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  1. Patreesha says:

    Gah! What a cool mom. It looks so realistically like a cartoon that it doesn’t even look real, if that makes sense.

  2. Pickles & Dimes says:

    That is so freaking awesome.

  3. Wow! Fantastic photo and nice job choo-choo-choosing Ralphie. He’s my favorite.

  4. Manager Mom says:

    I second the Canada love. And dang, I wish MY mom would have made life-sized Duran Duran cutouts or whatever teenybopper crap I was into when I was in high school…

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