another reason to love the iPhone

iMilk on the iPhone from mona on Vimeo.

It’s been over a month with the iPhone and every day I am reminded why I love it. For one, it’s the best portable entertainment system. On my way to work, I watch youtube videos of Super Mario Brothers walkthroughs. Whenever Nathan gets cranky in public, I’ll say in an accented British accent, “Charlie bit me!” and he watches brother-on-brother violence.

But his favorite by far is iMilk. I’m not sure which he loves more, the drinking or the belching.

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  1. Your son has the best laugh ever.

  2. HA! my bf has that same program.. but with beer šŸ™‚

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s the belching!! So funny!

  4. that’s totally cute. and like banana (?!) said, he has the best laugh ever. Now I know what to use MY iphone for!

  5. Yeah…he is totally waiting for that belch! And I am going to third the best laugh nomination!

  6. shirley eugist says:

    Get that kid some Rice-a-Roni!

  7. I’m pretty sure it’s the belching. My boys would be the exact same way . . . and probably my daughter too.

  8. My husband and I say, “Charlie bit me” to each other all the time now.

  9. My kids love burp and fart jokes, but what kid doesn’t? I know I do. Bathroom humor is the best!

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