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I have been in a funk since we left Disneyland, a kind of whiny woe-is-me blah, and this sadness was made even worse by meeting the multitude of Mike’s family. Living in Seattle is lovely and I am very grateful for the career and home we have made here, but G-D people, I am so far from everyone else.

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My in-laws, all forty of them, were very sweet to Nathan. The younger children liked to pick up his 35-lb body and schlep him a few feet, like he was a giant tire in the Strongest Man Competition.

When we were at the St. Louis Zoo during a heat index of a million degrees, my brother-in-law Matt used my straw hat to fan Nathan and poured water on his head and feet while he slept in his stroller.

My sister-in-law rocked Nathan to sleep while Mike and I were out to dinner with some of my other in-laws.

I have decided that I will try to save up as much money for plane tickets to Saipan ($1,500 for ONE roundtrip ticket) and St. Louis ($1,700 for THREE roundtrip tickets) I want Nathan to see his family more often, to know that he has so much love around him and that he is very very lucky.

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The interview went well. Well, not stellar. Not phenomenal. I was interviewed by some co-workers and my boss, which is awkward. I did not leave the room pumping my fists in the air or doing my Babe Ruth impression, in which I point to sky, swing an imaginary bat and run around the bases (and if I’m performing this act at home, home plate is usually the fridge.) I’ll hear in the next week or so if I am called in for a second interview. None of this will be necessary, however, if Plan B: Win Mega Millions comes to fruition.

two more books to go

So I gave in and started reading Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. I read Twilight in less than four days and New Moon in one day. I’m about two hundred pages deep into Eclipse. I have always been a fast reader, even if the books are not five pages long and detail how Thomas the Train and Percy saved the day and transported all the people to the royal parade because James was too busy sleeping. Granted, there were parts of the Twilight saga that made me roll my eyes like how perfect and smart and self-aware Bella is save for her only flaw: clumsiness (The hell!?!?). I was not nearly as neat and organized as Bella was at 17. I had so many books on my bed I had to sleep on the floor. And no vampires wanted to love me. Also, why do they have to make Jacob Black so aggressive? Why make my Native American brother so stereotypically scary to the white man, or the alabaster flesh man?

Mike doesn’t understand why I love vampires so much because I have a lot going against me, like how I am 25, not 15 and I am too old to be on the cast of the Real World. Also, I cannot pull off phrases like, “O-M-G!” and “Like, you know? Random! Totally!”

These books bring me back to a time when I was 15 and loved vampire stories and everything in the “horror” category and even the “erotic horror” genre, which should have been called “scary porn.” I had amassed a broad Poppy Z. Brite collection along with whatever Amazon recommended. The Twilight Saga, with all these faults and anti-feminist threads, has drawn me in so tightly that Mike is tired of hearing how I just want a vampire to fall in love with me. I mean, Edward is over 100 years old. I’m into older men!

Yesterday, Mike didn’t think I was listening and said something about my zombie ass to which I yelled, “That’s not nice!”

He quickly apologized and I retorted, “Well say something a vampire would say, then.” He walked over to me, pressed his lips to my ear and said, “I love you too much to turn you into a vampire.”

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  1. Fiona Picklebottom says:

    Everyone is raving about that Twilight series; I may have to pick it up. That picture of Nathan with the hose is AWESOME!

  2. I am reading Breaking Dawn right now. I have accidentally read the spoilers about what happens and it is really silly. Edward and Jacob are both so controlling and aggressive and can be really annoying (and borderline abusive). But I just can’t stop reading! Did you ever read the Anita Blake series? If you haven’t you should. You will love the hot hot hot (so hot) vampire (and werewolf) lovin’.

  3. Patreesha says:

    I was looking for a video for Debussy’s “Clair De Lune” the other night, and all the commenters kept talking about being “Twilighters.” I thought it was some weird teenage anime stuff and dismissed it, but it actually sounds pretty interesting!

    I’m having some post-vacation blues, too. It’s tough to go from having non-stop fun for a week and going back to slaving in front of a computer screen. I guess it makes vacations that much more rewarding, though!

  4. ok, i have GOT to read these books so i can play along with the rest of the internet šŸ™‚

  5. grrltraveler says:

    You have time to read a book?? You are my hero! (Especially a book that big, you rock gf)

    That is a FANTASTIC photo of Nathan although I’m hardly surprised because you take great photos. šŸ™‚
    I know what you mean about family, every time the munchkin gets to see any, it’s usually because someone has flown a ridiculously long way or left realllllly nice weather to come to Seattle and spend time in our tiny little box in crappy weather. I feel you on the painful flight prices and worse, vacation time is lacking in my world. Sigh.

    I’m glad you’ve had such a nice month of family gatherings and I’m sure you’ll recover after the initial let-down of missing everyone. šŸ™‚


  6. what a gorgeous photo!

    I’m a fast reader too … I read the Harry Potter books in two days. (well, not all 7 of them at one time. I’m not a prodigy for goodness sakes)

  7. Butrfly Garden says:

    My sister is obsessed. (OBSESSED I tell you!) with these books. She reads them over and over. She told me she’d borrow them to me if she could tear herself away from them long enough. Though, I can NOT read a book that quickly, so I dont’ know how she’d really feel about it.

    I have something she brought up about Breaking Dawn that is just hilarious and way too logical for a 14 yr old to think about – but I’ll wait until you get to that one to share it. šŸ˜‰

    Hi, by the way. lol

  8. Chickenbells says:

    Oh…I’m just about ready to start the Twilight series. That sounds odd, but they are stacked up on the floor right now just taunting me…am I going to hate myself for having more flaws than just clumsiness?

  9. PunkRock says:

    Have you thought about flying out of Vancouver BC? It’s usually way cheaper. Bunch of my friends flew to China for under a grand.

  10. Your husband is a good man. That’s totally an Edward line. *Swoon*

  11. Okay, you *may* have convinced me to give those books a chance.

  12. Thanks for the book suggestion, I just reviewed and then bought Twilight today. Loving it.

  13. like a library book says:

    ok – if the whole interview thing doesn’t pan out, you need to reap some benefits from either comedy writing or your obvious photographic talents. you’re in the wrong biz, girl !

  14. Oooh! I just got Breaking Dawn today! And I *loved* Poppy Z. Brite, back in the day.

    Have you discovered Joe Hill yet? I’m all over that, and was like “Wow, this guy’s nearly as good as Stephen King!” Freaking amazing.

    Then I found out it was Stephen King’s head, and that was a total forehead-slapper šŸ˜›

  15. Oh, and I second the whole “you should read the Anita Blake series” line of logic šŸ™‚ It’s awesome (and involves hot, hot vampire sex and lots of it).

  16. You’re not kidding about easy reads. I’m working on “Breaking Dawn” now and am mortified that I only have a few pages left. What will I do without EDWARD? I’ve gotten past the “I’m too old for this Sweet Valley High vampiric saga” and just surrendered. Much to my husband’s dismay. Hmmm…thanks for the inspiration for my next post! šŸ™‚

  17. I finished Twilight last Thursday night and on Friday after work, I raced to Borders to buy New Moon and Eclipse. I stayed up until 730 this morning reading and alas, I finished New Moon. I slept for 3 hours, and I’m reading Eclipse. I also saw the trailer for the movie for Twilight coming out in November … and I don’t know…but I just feel a twinge of envy that Bella scores this gorgeous vampire. In real life, as much as I would love to date an Edward Cullen, I’ll have to settle for the non-mythical Chamorro warrior.

  18. (this is for Di) Whoa. Has the movie’s debut been “upped” to November? Last I checked (and boy have I checked) it will be out in December – 12.12.08. Why can’t it be…tomorrow??? *me, the pathetic Twilight fan*

  19. la vie joie says:

    It’s all DMV47 fault that I can’t stop reading the books. I haven’t been able to move on to the other books on my nightstand.

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