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When Mike and I were set on just having one child, I gave away all my maternity clothes and 0-12 month clothes to my friend who had a baby last winter. She then gave all the clothes and gear to another friend, the friend who dumped me.

I gifted the clothing with no intention of receiving them back, as is what you should do when you give anything, especially baby clothing. I would never accept baby clothes if I knew I would have to return them. When I heard of the clothing’s current owner, I was deflated, not because she had the clothes, but that she hadn’t so much as passed an FYI my way. This was a perfect opportunity for her to say, “Hey, Mona! Guess who has everything Nathan wore during his first year!” or “Hey Mona! I can’t believe you amassed this huge wardrobe.” This is what would have happened if we lived in a perfect world where we all communicate like adults.

I know I certainly can’t communicate like an adult. You should see how long it takes me to to place my order at the Taco Bell drive-thru. You know how hard it is to choose how many tacos versus how many burritos I want in the #10 combo before the guy spits out through the ORDER HERE speaker, “DO YOU WANT IT JUST LIKE IT IS IN THE PICTURE, MA’AM?!?!”


I am not pregnant, but I plan to be. This planning is all consuming, especially when I have so little ready. I only have three maternity shirts and two maternity pants as well as a handful of baby clothes.

This is where I am starting like when I was first pregnant with Nathan. I have a little more money and a lot more knowledge on navigating through Craigslist. I will also buy real maternity clothes instead of fashioning a wardrobe out of my husband’s collection of Bite of Seattle sweatshirts.

I picked up a toy for baby number 2, a 1967 Fisher Price Roly Poly Chime Ball.

1967 Fisher Price Roly Poly Chime Ball

I love the retro typography and what phenomenal condition it is for being over 40 years old. I also love that many months from now, hands much smaller than mine will push it around and I’ll be an audience to such wonderful music.

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  1. I wonder if “friend who dumped you” has an inkling as to who the original owner(s) of the clothing was/were.

    In any case I am very excited for your 2nd baby in the making.

  2. di–yes, she knows, but she hasn’t and probably won’t say anything. But it’s a moot point. I’m glad she has the clothes and won’t have to spend that kind of money.

  3. grrltraveler says:

    I love that toy! It’s so cool…. Unfortunately, I’m still older than it. I wonder if I’m retro cool. šŸ™‚

    It’s sad when friends move on or whatever it is they do. Its possible that you would have found out she is anally attentive to her child to the point where you would have to throw up your hands and say “JUST LET HIM GET HURT FOR CHRISSAKES” and wouldn’t want to be around her anyway. šŸ˜‰ But it does hurt to lose people who KNOW you, really know you, that I do understand.


  4. I totally had that toy growing up, even though it was much older than me at the time.

    Perhaps it’s fueled my life-long love of all things vintage?

    It’s best to instill a passion for retro typography early on.


  5. like a library book says:

    Since you spread the good juju around, maybe someone else will re-gift you. Hope it comes back your way.

    I bought a maternity skirt at Target once just because it felt better on. šŸ™‚ Love that elastic in the waistline !

  6. mrs. blogoway says:

    I thought I was the only one that freezes when confronted with the huge selection at the Taco Bell drive thru. I’m not kidding, I never can decide if I need more than one 7-layer burrito or not. It’s crazy!

    Your friend that dumped you is obviously crazy. Probably has borderline personality disorder or something like that. A friend once offered to loan me baby clothes and then said, “but I want them back and they’re in PERFECT condition so I want them returned that way!”… I obviously never followed through on borrowing them– who would?!!

  7. I used to have one of those toys. They are so awesome. Great find!

  8. I had that toy as a kid!! I totally need to find one now…

    Happy for you guys in all of your baby planning šŸ™‚

  9. thecandyqueen says:

    friend who “dumped me” is a very good way of putting it. I really identify with that because if I ran into my “friend” who dumped me, I’d feel defeated and humiliated. I’m bound to run into her eventually too…ugh.

  10. BTW so excited about the soon to be baby. Now when I have an urge to buy baby clothes at TJ Maxx I’ll have an excuse.

  11. I really want to start a maternity clothing COLLECTIVE, for a group to share from. We could keep a catalog of items, and who owns what, etc. and just rotate ’em around.

    For my part, I bought some truly awesome jeans that had better go on someone else’s ass, in addition to mine.

  12. YAY MORE BABIES! now that i suddenly have a working biological clock or something, all bloggers i read should KEEP HAVING BABIES so i can live vicariously through them. so.. well done. thank you šŸ˜‰

  13. love that toy! love it!

  14. Oh, hey, I had a chime ball!

  15. See that little ball brought back some memories…I love that you can still find those oldie-but-goodie toys.

  16. As a lover of all things vintage, I literally screamed when I saw the photo of this adorable toy. I am now buying one off of ebay for my own personal collection of vintage goodies. Thanks for posting it up. Yours is in fabulous condition. =D

  17. skiplovey says:

    I had a ball just like that, love it!

    Bargain shopping / second hand stuff rules! I lucked out and got gobs of designer baby duds from my sis.

    Y’know maybe a friend will do a baby shower for you? I know it’s a second baby but since you guys did a total 180 I think that qualifies for a shower, eh?

  18. the mama hood says:

    I remember this ball when I was in nursery, these are so cool! I just found your blog through the full mommy! Love it!

  19. I LOVE that toy! šŸ™‚

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