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I have this memory of spending New Year’s Eve at my neighbor Irene’s house. Her mother instructed the party to take pieces of paper, jot down all their sins from that year. We then took a match and each lit our small crumpled pieces before tossing it into a metal trash bin being passed around the room.

And just like that, we were to forget everything wrong we had done in the year past and move on, clean slate.

I had been thinking of that activity recently and how maybe I should just lay out everything that has been pissing me off, furrowing my brow until you can dive off my forehead crags. Then I wouldn’t let it burn in my brain. I could also clean house, like the scene in Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land when the Spirit cleans up his cluttered brain (fast forward to 5:50 here). [Side note: Donald Duck is my cartoon equivalent. I also have a whole mental drawer dedicated to “bungling.”]

Then when I started to write my burn list, the waves of anger toward people and situations suddenly subsided and I didn’t want to write it anymore.

There are wonderful things happening in my life and I would rather tell you about that, like how yesterday, I wore a dress that did not have an “XL” or and “XXL” on the tag! I didn’t have to suck in my stomach until my chin hit my chest. GAWD that’s tiring. And it’s just awkward to adjust my girdle in a meeting. And what’s the difference between XL and 1XL? Is a 1XL more XL than an XL? Is it more XL-lent? HA!

I’m also excited at the possibility of having another baby! A new baby! I’m hoping to be pregnant by next month, which would make him/her a summer baby. I have promised myself not to buy a single item until I see the two pink lines. I know it’s a high expectation to become pregnant so quickly, but I have a lot of faith in my fertility.

My mom would always add the “don’t get pregnant” suffix to all of my chores like, “Go to the store–DON’T GET PREGNANT!” or “Go bring this to your auntie’s house–DON’T GET PREGNANT!” Though it was strange that she would warn me against teenage pregnancy when I was just walking down the street, but maybe she was afraid of all the penises in the sidewalk cracks. You never know!


I have been listening to this group called The Pierces. They sing “Secret,” which is featured in this Dexter promo (thanks Oda!) This sister group reminds me a lot of the sultry vocals of Shivaree and a lighter version of Joan Osborne.

I also bought She & Him’s album Volume One and I’m really liking it. Zooey Deschanel was in that godawful movie The Happening but her voice is so wonderful. It’s nice to listen to something like this after a long day of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

What kind of music is filling your ears lately? I’m looking for something particularly of the awesome variety. Any tips?

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  1. thecandyqueen says:

    A few things: I need help w/music too these days so share what you got! My favorite song on the She and Him album is “This is not a test.” Me loves that one!!! Do you have the Jenny Lewis solo album? That is excellent too. But I bet you do. I just downloaded the new Verve but haven’t listened much and The Fleet Foxes too. Also, would you mind if I live vicariously through your next pregnancy? And would you mind (especially if it’s a girl) if I buy her a lot of cute clothes? PPPLEASE?

  2. I have such a wide range of musical tastes…I don’t know if I would be much help! My newest fave though is Adele. And the new singles from Shiny Toy Guns and Metallica sound awesome. See what I mean?
    Good luck on your baby wishes.

  3. Mamacita Chilena says:

    You always look tiny in your pictures.

    Also, I have full faith in your pregnancy happening ASAP. Good luck and have fun making it happen šŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for sharing info on The Pierces! I have something new to look into!

  5. I’m so excited already about the upcoming pregnancy.

  6. Penises in sidewalk cracks?

    Who knew?

    I’ll be back when I track down that song I heard earlier today . . .

  7. la vie joie says:

    we’re trying to get prego too. šŸ™‚

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