epic failin’ with sarah palin

I want to make her my best friend. Sarah Haskins, not Sarah Palin. I’m scared that if Sarah Palin ever read my raging liberal blog, she would shout, “WHAT THE MOOSEHECK!” and then would chase me down in her Suburban. And while I crawled toward safety, using the arm she didn’t maul with her tires, she would fly up in her helicopter and shoot me from above.

Sarah Haskins would probably field dress me like a moose and then take me out for for a round of tequila shots to numb the pain. Funsies!

P.P.S, my ZOMG BFF: Are you following FakeSarahPalin? Let’s have a slumber party and discuss! We could totally like gossip about right-wing authoritarianism and their hypocritical attitudes toward feminism, and like, BRAID EACH OTHER’S HAIR!

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  1. thecandyqueen says:

    I’m in! “Does Joe Biden kill his own food and eat it?”

    I love the Target: Women series. The yogurt one is OFF THE HOOK!

  2. I got pregnant just for funnsies! Who doesn’t?

  3. bahahah. sarah would so fire you from the internets if she ever read your blog. šŸ˜‰

  4. Where do you find this stuff? Hoop skirts make my balls sweaty.

  5. Palin would make an excellent VP.. additionally her stance on energy and drilling will help get the U.S. economy back on its feet and insure that individuals (including the two in the video) can still run to Starbucks for their Mocha Frappuccino’s.

    In all fairness, I hope they are producing a video to address the PAFFOP (Politicians Always Flip Floppin On Positions) Group.. Especially given that both Clinton and Biden came out in Public months ago saying that Obama does not have the experience to be President, and then did a full 360 and decided that he is the Man.

  6. If the McCain/Palin ticket wins, I’m moving my family to St. Maarten to braid hair and sell/drink dollar beers.

    That video was awesome, totally made my Monday.

  7. Tell me you have seen the Yogurt video and the Wedding show video made by Sarah Haskin? This new one is awesome.

  8. I so totally am following FakeSarahPalin and I laughed so hard about the mooseburger for the bad market today….

  9. “Mooseheck.” Hee!

  10. Butrfly Garden says:

    I’m pretty conservative and I would never shoot you from a helicoptor. Promise. šŸ˜‰

  11. Laurels word says:

    HA! I’m new to your blog, and loved this. I’ll be following the fakesarahpalin! Thanks for the heads up!

  12. mrs. blogoway says:

    Who the heck is Joe and how did he find your blog?

    Great post. I dispise Sarah Palin and can’t figure out why women are crazy for her. Last night on Entertainment Tonight they were showing how to achieve the “Sarah Palin” look. Gag. Like anyone would want to…

  13. Who the heck is Joe and how did he find your blog?

    My wife is part of P.U.M.A. and is supporting McCain and Palin. She wants to insure you get your Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino also..

  14. I thought that palim was running on a mooseburger platform, not mocha frappachinos. I don’t even drink starbucks anymore.

  15. panther power! rawr!

    fakesarahpalin is my NEW FAVE, OMFG. LOVE.

  16. in lieu of Mooseburgers, I am sure Palin will help save Seattle’s Best and Starbucks..

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