omg shoes

I had some free time between meetings yesterday so I headed over to the Ballard Goodwill. It had a very paltry selection of women’s clothes and children’s clothes, but it was a goldmine for shoes.


Like these Aldo heels that were only 5.00!


My best find was this pair of Banana Republic sandals which I bought for $8.00. I plan to wear them this summer after I’ve given birth, once my feet no longer look like five pounds of pork sausage in two inches of casing. Unfortunately, these shoes are size 16, so I hope that my post-partum feet are the same size as the average college basketball player’s.

Nathan’s a bit suspicious of my plan. He thinks my hobbit feet are already there.

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  1. after you’ve given birth?

    does this mean?!?!

  2. What!? Did I miss something? Are you pregnant or just planning?

  3. thecandyqueen says:

    Yeah…Do you FEEL pregnant?

    Those BR wedges would probably fit my size 11 feet!

  4. I am not pregnant. I’m waiting for my post-IUD body to return to normal.

  5. I wish I was able to find fabulous shoes at Goodwill. I have a hard time finding shoes in bloody Payless. 11 and a half to 12 Wide! ugh, I hate my feet.
    I do like those pointy toes ones…

  6. Pickles and Dimes says:

    OK, I read the comments first, so uh…I can calm down now.

  7. grrltraveler says:

    I love getting a deal! šŸ™‚


  8. I like that Goodwill in ballard- they really do have good shoes!

  9. Why would you buy a pair of shoes that are size 16? *confused* Your feet can’t be THAT big…

  10. I love pictures of shoes. Especially shoes gained for dollars numbering in the single digits. That’s a lot of cute there – especially the suspicious child.

  11. Para i familiaku says:

    Shoes are georgeous, but, my island feet never looked good in pointed shoes! My sisters always tease me and tell me my feet more resembles my brother’s… Ha!

  12. la vie joie says:

    I love good deals.

  13. mrs. blogoway says:

    I’m so jealous… I’ve NEVER found anything like that at the Goodwill here. The best I could do was a racquetball racket for $3.00

  14. the only blog that makes me laugh as much I yours does is Flurrious. I think you’d like her!

    And vice versa, so I am fixing to leave her a similar comment with a link to you šŸ™‚

  15. Sam's Lackey says:

    I’ve gotten several cool pink cotten chenille bedspreads at that same Goodwill šŸ™‚

  16. Sam's Lackey says:

    um, I swear I know how to spell cotton.

  17. I’ve never checked out their bedding, but if you got a deal, it’s worth looking.

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