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I’ve had these high heels for almost four years. I bought them in Scottsdale, Arizona, during a Christmas visit with Mike’s family. I also bought my first and only pair of Ugg boots and a pair of Steve Madden pointed flats. These are the only shoes to survive that long.

A year after I called these shoes mine, Mike and I were married and pregnant. A few months later, I gave birth to Nathan and then graduated from college. I wore these on my graduation day and bowed on the stage when they broadcasted my name along with my collegiate accomplishments, as well the line I scribbed on the card I gave the announcer: “She also gave birth to a baby boy four weeks ago.”

I prefer a pointed toe. It makes it easier to pick up things in corners.

I’ve worn these shoes to parties, bars, interviews, jobs, baby showers, weddings, dates with my fiancé-turned-husband, etc.

Once Mike held my hand as we crossed the street and the heel got stuck in the street grating. He continued walking for a second, dragging me along and leaving my legs spread across the pavement, my feet stuck awkwardly from each other while passerbys watched some foolish woman in a fancy dress extract herself from city property.

I don’t know why I’m being hit with these flashbacks, only that it’s Friday, the sun is shining and I like where these heels have taken me.

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  1. I have those same exact shoes!

    I bought them after I got rear-ended by some idiot at my law school and the idiot’s insurance company gave me some money for “pain and suffering” on top of the cost of fixing my car.

    I wore them to a ton of mock trials and once got the heel stuck in a crack when I was crossing the street in front of the appellate courthouse.

  2. Love the flashback. I might be inspired to do one of my own 😉

  3. Chickenbells says:

    You could probably write a bestseller from the point of view of the point of your shoe…

    Hey that rhymed.

    Sort of…

  4. Jealous…I can’t wear cool high heels like that. 1) My feet are a freakishly large size 12W and they just don’t make cute shoes for feet that big and 2) I have extremely flat feet that scream at me whenever I try to wear any heels that are more than 1 inch high.
    I can admire…and be jealous.

  5. love ’em. and love the post. walking a blog post in your shoes.

  6. mrs. blogoway says:

    Awesome shoes and fun stories.

  7. Hafa Adai,

    Im am from Guam and I am traveling to Saipan for 5 days for leisure and the Chamorro Conference, could any of you reading this give me directions, phone, etc. to a shoe repair shop?

    Si Yu’uos Ma’ase

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  8. Damn Mo, if it weren’t for these damn bunions – I’d be all over the place with heels, boots and all! I’m jealous too – lol!

  9. And you are going to keep on wearing those shoes, right?

    They are your *lucky* shoes, well, depsite the sticking in the grate part . . .

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