flip. flop.

You know what’s a really effective birth control? The economy. Nothing makes my ovaries shrivel up more than reading about job losses or interest rates or my monthly credit card statements. I have been trying to figure out how I am going to pay down all my consumer debt and I think I can feasibly do it, but it would mean not having baby number 2. Consumer debt is a fancy way to sum up all the necessary trips I made to Target, unnecessary purchases I made at The Limited, and all the bills I had while I was staying at home with Nathan.

My job has amazing benefits, but it does not have paid maternity leave. I can apply vacation time and sick leave to cover the first few weeks, but once that’s dried up, I’m left to use my paltry savings (which are muy pequeno!) and my backup plan: selling Precious Moments cross-stiching on Etsy or my backup-backup plan: hooking.

I’ve cashed my reality check and I know this: twelve weeks without a paycheck would cause me to go even more into debt because credit card companies don’t take payment in Anne Geddes-style newborn photos or sonatas performed on the world’s smallest violin.

And another, more selfish reason to reneg on my baby-making plans is that I want to get an MBA. In addition to weeping over reviewing my finances, I have been calculating my career strategy. While I appreciate my current position, I have hit the ceiling in terms of salary and I know that to truly have any kind of upward mobility in my field, I will need a graduate degree. It’s comforting to know that I can achieve this with very little out-of-pocket expenses. And I’ll be even more awesome at Jeopardy.

Surprisingly, I’m not sad about this decision. I can always have a baby later. I’m 25 and I figure I still have a few more years before my junk goes bad. And I’m sure the father of Nathan’s half-brother or half-sister will still want me. (I told this joke to Mike, and HE DID NOT FIND IT FUNNY. WHATEVER, FATHER TIME!)

But this really means that I won’t be pregnant and I can go to BlogHer ’09! I have to apologize to Crystal because if she chooses me as her roommate, she will learn that not only do I snore, but when I sleep, I look just like Terri Schiavo. Attractive!

BlogHer ’09 In Real Life

BlogHer '09 In Real Life

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  1. You know when you make important life decisions like these . . . you get pregnant!

    At least that has been my experience! šŸ˜‰

    Either way, I’m looking forward to living vicariously through you at BlogHer ’09!

  2. Butrfly Garden says:

    I hear ya, hon. I think I broke my mom’s heart all over again when I confessed my “plan to plan” (Not really to plan, just a plan to be financially stable enough to plan another IF the urge came along again) that was destroyed by my company sucking ass. But – haha – like Carrie said, I expect it to happen now just because. (Just because meaning I can’t afford my BC anymore.)

    And ohhhhmigod! BlogHer is in Chicago again!! We have been looking for an opportunity to go back to Chicago with the kids. For realz – I think I should start, ya know, blogging and all that again.

  3. Mamacita Chilena says:

    Hey,if you change your mind about wanting to have the baby sooner rather than later, you could always blog while at home to earn cash and not let your consumer debt eat you.

  4. carrie–yeah, the baby idea has been shelved, not nixed. If I were to become pregnant, I would adjust. I’m just making the decision to work on myself and my finances first before another baby comes along.

    butrfly–yes, you have time to get your blog back up and running, lady!

    mamacita–I’ll have to write a post on all the jobs I tried while staying at home. It’s a doozy.

  5. Oh, sad sad sad! I feel like writing you a check for 12 weeks’ income!

  6. Good luck with all of that!
    I too am struggling to find ways to pay off the credit cards…damn things.

  7. ohhhh finances. let’s just keep ignoring them a little while longer, shall we?

    YAY blogher! i want to go too… chicago is an excellent location!

  8. thecandyqueen says:

    Of course there’s always time my friend. My mom had me at 31 and Nicole Kidman just had a baby at 40. Although I heard she bathes in some magic water in Australia though.

    I think I am going to donate my eggs :/

  9. Carrie’s right–now’s the time to be extra careful! But if it means you get to come to BlogHer ’09, YAY!

  10. mrs. blogoway says:

    Great decision! You would be a total drag in Chicago if you were prego and couldn’t drink like a fish. LOL.

    I’m gonna have nightmares tonight about T.S.

  11. Oh I am so excited for BlogHer 2009 too!

  12. like a library book says:

    I’m still counting on my winning mega millions ticket – an estimated jackpot of $62 million this week. That would cover most of my debt. šŸ™‚

  13. You are one wise 25 year old soul Mona.

  14. Okay. Seriously. WHY have I never read your blog before? I am sitting here cracking up at every single post. You my dear, are hilarious šŸ™‚

    And if I make it to BlogHer, I’m so gonna try to sit near you in the hopes that your awesomeness is contagious.

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