Getting all purdy

Men make passes at girls who wear glasses

Here I am at Urban Outfitters wearing fake glasses. Do you think people would take me seriously with these on, or would they ask if I’m a big Weezer fan?

And while you’re pondering that, take a look at my review of the new Estee Lauder website. Thanks to a $100 gift card BlogHer and Estee Lauder put in my uncouth hands, I was able to review this very fancy section of the internet.

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  1. The little diamond shapes at the corners…ahh that takes me back…

  2. I want you to know I have a pair of fake glasses I wear all the time. They make me feel all grown-up =)

  3. shirley eugist says:

    Those glasses are awesome. If I had to have glasses, those would definitely be contenders.

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