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When I was living back home, there were a small handful of high schools on island to attend. I’m not sure why I attended the only Baptist high school there, since I grew up with a devout Catholic mother who told me that “even if the priests wear bikinis, you cannot change your religion.” [sic!!!] It could be that most of the students at the other parochial schools wanted to re-arrange my face with their fists. Even the girls in Pre-K! Those ankle biters were fierce!

Here are some bits about the place I spent four years:

-The entire student body was composed of 56 students, grades 7-12.

-I graduated with a senior class of SEVEN.

-I was one of FOUR salutatorians.

-Our graduation song was the theme from Friends. No one listened to me when I suggested the thirty-second version as opposed to the full-length song. It was like when you really think you’re going to rock a karaoke song but then half-way through you realize you only know the chorus.

-We experienced a lot of typhoons on Saipan. While all the schools were closed during a typhoon, we still had to attend school unless it was Condition One. It was so lame to listen to the radio and hear all the school closures save for mine.

-Every Halloween we watched a video on how this was the day when people ate babies and made snuff films. I didn’t even believe “snuff” was a real word because I didn’t hear it outside of high school.

-I could get out of a lot of activities by saying, “Sir, I don’t feel comfortable because I am a fragile young lady and there are a lot of boys in that area.”

-There were only male teachers.

-Our class raised a lot of money for our senior trip but it turned out it wasn’t enough to go off island (and drink legally on Guam!). So instead we spent the money on ourselves and some of us thought it would be a wicked sweet idea to take a sunset cruise. Turns out that it would have been better to go on something so romantic, complete with guitar serenades, if we were DATING each other.

-During our on-island senior trip, we ventured into a bar (without ID) and proceeded to get utterly wasted (except for me, which is why I remember what happened). The waitress tried to overcharge us by $100 and so one of my friends just ripped her a new one and ended her diatribe with, “I’m going to tell my lawyer!” She dropped the name of the dad of another friend and little did we know that his firm actually represented the establishment. Ooopsies!

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  1. thecandyqueen says:

    It kind of sounds like a reform school for girls. I went to alternative high school where my graduating class was about 50 people and our song was R. Kelly’s “I believe I can fly.”


  2. Ha ha! This is GREAT.

  3. Ahhh high school memorias. I wish I finished high school there. My memory of Saipan is slowly dwindling away as old age advances. I had to Google Earth our neighborhood. My landmark was Mt Carmel. And I “thinK” I managed to pinpoint our neighborhood.

  4. Anais in Wonderland says:

    You should totally write a memoir about your childhood. It sounds like it would be an entertaining read. =)

  5. My first college roommate was a Catholic school girl experiencing the first time away from home . . . this sounds vaguely familiar to her stories, but hey! Props to you that you can remember that much of your “senior party,” I have nil recollection of mine!

  6. mrs. blogoway says:

    I always love the stories of your youth… hilarious. When I saw the photo of you and your friends in uniform, I thought you were going to write about “The Dirty Facts of Life” (a new porno coming out soon).

    For real. I’m not kidding.

  7. ahahahaha. You and Aileen were great dates on the sunset tour though.

    I miss it =)

    And…OMG, we were so skinny!

  8. Wow, I don’t remember our graduation song. Did we have one? Do I even care? Not really. The only things about graduation that I remember are how Michelle gave everyone leis but me (there were 10 of us); and how Jen ruined this great picture of me receiving my diploma with the ugliest scowl I have ever seen.

  9. ha, that’s awesome. my 8th grade class was just 11, but my highschool was exactly the opposite: huge, rich, traditional, english-style boarding school. no senior trip, alas… but since i was far too much of a goody two shoes to drink, i would have remembered it had we had one šŸ˜‰

  10. haha okay I laughed out loud at the Friends theme as your graduation song. That is fantastic.

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