What I am doing while normal, functioning people sleep

I am really troubled by this commercial for this product called Listen Up because it seems to be targeted for the following markets:

1. Husbands who just want to watch coed oil wrestling shows without their wives nagging, especially since they can’t shout back, “YOU DON’T HEAR ME COMPLAINING ABOUT YOUR CPAP MACHINE, WOMAN!”

2. Wives who want to gossip on the phone but can’t because their hearing-impaired husbands watch oil wrestling shows at HIGH VOLUMES!

3. Gray-haired women who like to listen to birds while contemplating which exercise class to take next: African dance or hip-hop moves. The sounds of nature will help them decide which piece of large wooden ethnic jewelery they’ll wear to the smooth jazz concert!

4. Nosy neighbors who feign sorting through AARP mail offers while eavesdropping into the lives of the younger women (those hussies!).

5. Creepy guys at the gym who point listening devices at women because when you hold up an electronic item toward your target, it is not obvious at all! WAY TO BE STEALTH, GENIUS!

6. Moms who need to find out which brat said, “My daddy said your mom’s that way because she’s frigid.”

Does this seem creepy at all?

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  1. I can sort of understand wanting it to watch TV when others are sleeping. My freshmen year college roommate went to bed at awful hours like 9pm sometimes, and I’m one of those people who like watching some mindless Food Network shows before bed. So that would’ve been pretty useful, actually.

    I really can’t believe they’re actually marketing to people who want to eavesdrop, though. And also, for the guy at the football game… wouldn’t the amplifier ALSO amplify the people cheering around him? I never understood that part of it.

  2. You’re right Cait–how is it that it only focuses on certain conversations? Can technology be that specific for 14.99?

  3. I wanted to add that it looks as lame as the prenatal heart listener I bought from Target. It didn’t work and I should have spent the money on booze I needed during the postpartum recovery.

  4. thecandyqueen says:

    It is TOTALLY creepy. I have seen this commercial a gagillion times and thought “this should be illegal.” But you know what? My dad REALLY needs this since he refuses to get a hearing aid.

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees this as creepy.
    They are just really trying to pander to that stalker-market that goes untapped.

  6. wow. i’m sure people could have figured out the creepy uses for this without them SHOWING the woman listening in on other convos, or the creepy guy at the gym. i’d never seen this commercial before. do not like.

  7. That is so funny. Not as in “Ha!Ha!” funny though. I also thought this commercial was disturbing. I can understand it if people who have difficulty hearing need to ouse it, but to use if t\for some of the reasons in the commercial just seems a little creepy. The one bit where the lady was listening to her neighbours talking??? CREEPY!

    Anyway, thanks for poppoing by and leaving me a comment! Great blog you’ve got here šŸ™‚

  8. yeah really creepy….what was that number again?
    Yeah I would think this would only be of interest to people that are the stage right before they need a hearing aid or the tv volume thing…other than that it is just wrong!

  9. Anais in Wonderland says:

    Wow, I wish I would have owned one of these during the five years I worked at a law office.

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