It snows in this circle of hell

Target mess
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We left too late in the day that by the time we secured our purchaes at Target, it had already started snowing again. The grocery store was equally chaotic, with hundreds of people stretched from the registers down into the aisles. We left the store empty handed and bought our essentials from our corner 7-11: pizza, cereal and mike’s hard lemonade.

The snow is piling up outside fast. I’m pecking this entry out on my phone since I’ve already unplugged my computer. It’s quiet but warm in this house, the only sounds are of the heater and my son, pleading for his father to practice the alphabet with him.

How is the world where you are? Are you hunkering down for the night? I had to check with my husband if “hunkering” was a real word or just something I misheard and repeated anyway, which is how I found out that I had never had a “worldwind” time but a “whirlwind” one. The more you know!

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  1. I was at Target in southcenter today. It was pretty crowded. I managed to get out of there and only be on the road for about 15-20 mins of snowfall. We’re in Capitol Hill so we have to be creative about what surface streets we take off the freeway.

  2. Kate @ Life As I Live It says:

    I’m north of ya a bit and it’s been a zoo. I ventured out for a quick trip to Trader Joe’s this afternoon to stock up on a few eats but that was it. I made the mistake of going to the mall yesterday and I wanted to kill myself.

    I’ve NEVER seen it like this before. Absolute misery everywhere you go.

  3. Buried in snow here in Wisconsin. Tomorrow is supposed to bring a windchill of -30.

  4. Kingston has been slammed! Thankfully the highways were clear yesterday so I was out for five hours stocking up on supplies. My husband wasn’t too happy I was gone so long but today, I have no worries. Let it snow!

  5. I think this circle of hell has frozen over. We had 6inches from the last snowfall … of course that has not melted nor has our cul de sac been plowed. in addition to that 6 inches of compact snow, we now have 3-4inches of new snow.

    I was at Target earlier with neophyte shoppers, big Shon and my stepson Shayne. I told them to “park right here…and I’ll be right back”. Of course men don’t listen and so my guys decide to venture into the wild of crazed female shoppexperts. Wrong move. Once again i told them to “PARK RIGHT HERE AND DON’T MOVE” …

    Nonetheless, I got the last minute stuff that I needed and spent 3 minutes with the cashier. Not bad for a Target … considering we live in BFE.

    Storm? What storm?! Bring on Super Typhoon Kim and lets talk “high” winds.

    Be safe Ms. Mona.

  6. mrs. blogoway says:

    Wow, I’m impressed w/ the iphone usage… pretty great post. I would have given up at purchases at Target:-)

    It was 70 here yesterday. Jen and I went to Jefferson and walked around… had old fashioned burgers with all the cheese and fat and then took a horse-drawn carriage ride. Pretty fun.

  7. we have over a foot of snow on my front lawn (and counting) it’s 9 degrees with – degree windchill. all gifts are wrapped (or shall i say bagged) and there’s a stash of food in the fridge since thrusday.. so you know what my fat ass has been doing all weekend. ; )

  8. Chickenbells says:

    Please send the snow this way! It’s hard to hunker down in the sun…

  9. Snowing. Every single freaking day. And right now it’s about 5 below zero to boot.

  10. FunnyGal KAT says:

    Yay for Target on a snowy day! The Pretend Husband woke me up at 8 a.m. on Saturday and told me to get dressed because we were going to Target. I thought he was crazy because there was a foot of snow that had fallen overnight, but it turns out the man is an evil genius. We got to Target at 9 a.m., got a coffee, wandered the aisles at our leisure and left at 10 as it started to get busy. We didn’t even have to wait to check out at one of the two registers that were open. Oh yes, and yay for four-wheel drive, too, because, without it, we wouldn’t have made it to Target.

  11. Two words: Holy Shit.

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