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1. I need to create a buzzword. I remember watching a documentary about language and one segment featured interviews with all these people who had made up popular words that became part of our vernacular. They conjured words like yuppie, psychobabble and blog (and subsequently blogger!). I have a bunch of stock phrases like, “I give birth to my friends.” But that’s true! Nathan’s my friend for life!

2. I used to be a speed reader, back in the third grade when the library on Saipan first opened up and I lived close enough that my mom granted me permission to walk there by myself. I would read a book in two days. Yes, these were usually Choose Your Adventure books or books with huge puzzles in the middle.

I am hoping that Nathan will be open-minded enough to read as many books as I did, even those not meant for boys which is why he will inherit my collection of first-edition BABYSITTER’S CLUB books. I know Nathan has no idea of the gems he will behold when he learns he has the story of these girls in Connecticut who were the only source of childcare for the whole town.

3. The other night, Rachel sent me a text message about what she should do in a certain situation and she ended her message with, “I’m so so scared, Zach!” I immediately started laughing so hard that Mike started laughing and asking me what was so funny. This is why I laughed:

And all of this was because she wanted to get into Stanford and make this music video:

I was troubled by Mike’s question because there’s no way to explain to a man who grew up when television had just been invented the magic of Saved by the Bell and their only drug problems were Jessi Spano’s caffiene pill addiction and the time a celebrity offered them weed (which they refused, because that’s what high school students do! Realism!).

4. I would like to cut my hair again but I am scared of short styles. But I am also tired all of the maintenance my hair requires. I don’t have the controlled curls or waves like Angella’s beautiful mane. My hair is crazy jungle thick and it sheds everywhere. The hair that results from sticking my hair in an electric socket would be a vast improvement from what my hair becomes after I wash it. The only way I maintain it is by taking a flat iron to this mess every other day and working out all the madness out. This usually takes about thirty minutes or even an hour if I’m also trying to watch TV or I see something shiny and I get distracted.


Snows destroys my hair. As does perspiring during a work out, which gives me the most counter-feminist reason to bow out of a kickboxing class: I don’t like to sweat!

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  1. Even though I wasn’t Saved by the Bells target audience, I have fond memories of being high as a kite with my friends and watching that show for all it’s ridiculous hilarity….oh good times.

    You should go over to Whoorl’s Hair Thursday and submit your predicament! DO IT! With you face shape and height I think a short cut would be flattering, to say the least!

  2. Holy crap! I can’t believe I watched that whole video. That is two minutes of my life I will never get back!

  3. thecandyqueen says:

    Man…I helped to invent the term Douche Candy, and it’s in urban dictionary.

    It is OK that Mike doesn’t understand because that’s what I am for!!! We have each other for these things.

    When I was little my friend and I used to speed read Babysitter’s Club and then trade as soon as we were done and read the other person’s book. We could knock one out every 2 hours I think.

  4. Snow is difficult…but You should visit the East coast where the air is whicked dry in winter (at least super cold New england) it does WONDERS for my hair, it’s like I straight-ironed it, something I’d pay dearly for in Seattle. Sadly, I live in isolation and no one sees it…sigh.

  5. I used to get dropped off at the library to “study” or “check out books”. Yeah, more like check out boys!

  6. I like sweating in kick boxing class. What I don’t care for so much is peeing my pants since having the boy.

    I’ve done 2.5 years of kagles. Do you think I’ll ever stop peeing my pants in kickboxing? Still I go because well. . . I like the idea that I could kick someone’s ass. It makes me happy.

  7. Lady Fizzlebottom says:

    I’m soo excited! I’m sohohohoooo excited! Boohoosniff! Wasn’t there anything better to watch on TV? I swear I saw this episode half a dozen times. As for the hair, I love my bob – razor cuts are fun and easy to maintain. Sadly, there is no cure for “hat-head.”

  8. plumeria*girl says:

    Those Save By the Bell clips are truly, truly, truly outrageous!!! Ahh, those were the days šŸ˜‰

  9. We’re in exactly the same place on the hairstyle. Except I may be one step ahead: I just made a haircut appointment for Saturday. That gives me 3 days to find a style. I right now have a 12″ ponytail and I’ve decided it’s ALL coming off and going to Locks for Love. But what to do with what’s left???

    My reasons for the cut aren’t so much for the trouble it takes, but because it’s long dark hair with enough gray in it now that I look like a freekin WITCH.

  10. I know it’s weird that I suggest a product or place almost every time I comment here, but I swear I don’t work for online placement!!! I just have a boring 9-5 desk job!

    Anyway, I hear you on the hair troubles. I have super frizzy, unpredictably wavy hair, especially when the weather is crappy. I really, really love “Yes to Carrots” mud conditioner and it is so different than anything I’ve used, it can even be used to moisturize your scalp! It’s sort of expensive (like $8?) but so worth it. Now I never blowdry or iron my hair since it comes out so soft. Give it a try! šŸ™‚

  11. see, my highschool friends and i actually WOULD have refused weed if it were offered to us in highschool…. BUT we were also not the most popular kids in school, a la saved by the bell šŸ™‚

  12. Dude, I loved choose your own adventure. “To ride unicorn into cotton candy clouds turn to page 56.” “If you want to stop time and pants your teacher turn to page 11.” Real life kind of sucks now.

  13. hahah, my friend and I were just discussing that SbtB! (Which, I missed this morning because SOMEBODY (mike) had to watch stupid Yugi-oh instead of veggietales.)

    My tenth summer, my stepmom used to kick us out of the house at 7 AM and we weren’t allowed to come until dinner. I spent every day at the library and brought BSC books home every night. I think I finished that whole set that summer. And – I just passed my BSC “Little Sister” set onto Alyssa. It was a proud moment.

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