Prohibition Party!

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a Prohibition Party hosted by Drew and Ian. Drew is so creative; I would never think to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Prohibition Act’s repeal. If I were in a bar and someone asked if I was celebrating the repeal of prohibition, I would say, “No, I am celebrating happy hour. And the 2.00 jack and cokes.”

The party was held at Drew’s place and I had to park about two and half blocks down the street. As I walked in my dress and high heels, lugging a heavy camera bag over my shoulder, I kept thinking, “Great. It looks like I’m going to Street Walker Night School.”

Luckily, Drew and Ian welcomed me in and didn’t send me to Remedial Pimp Hand. Some photos of the debauchery below:

drew & ian

How cute are they?


ian & drew


When Drew picked up the bottle of Monarch vodka, it transformed into a whole bottle of MONA! I’m 100 proof! You can’t buy me on election day.


I look a bit faded here but I am not drunk by any means. For one, I am not red enough. Usually after a few rounds, it looks like I’ve bathed in Kool Aid and also after said rounds, I’m trying to convince everyone that I’m not as think as they drunk I am.

How’s your weekend so far?

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  1. That is ALL KINDS OF AWESOME. What a genius excuse for a party. Perhaps I shall have my surprise Roaring Twenties-themed 30th birthday party on the 77th anniversary of the Prohibition Act’s repeal. To stick with the theme, and all.

    What, too much?

  2. thecandyqueen says:

    That party looks like it was A+weseome! This weekend is like the best weekend ever!!!! And Sunday is going be all kinds of redonkulous fun!

  3. I am so stealing that idea!

    Mona, I turn red too. It sucks when I drink with Mrs. Blogaway…she still looks like a super model while I’m splotchy and askew, hair flat, mascara running. Yes-note to self- find homely friends to drink with.

  4. that is so awesome!! i wish i had been to a prohibition-repealing-celebratory party! what a genius idea šŸ™‚

  5. Very clever.
    Course my family celebrates that every day….just one happy family of lushes!

  6. mrs. blogoway says:

    You look extra beautiful in that pic!

  7. We're so happy you could come & love the wonderful pics. xoxo

  8. Liam's Mom says:

    I haven’t been over here in awhile! I love your blog header… you crack me up. And Nathan is so handsome!

    This part looked very entertaining! You look gorgeous!

  9. That looks like a helluva fun time. šŸ™‚ We went to Tommy Gun’s Garage when we were in Chicago and had a good time, it made me wish we could do stuff like that. Now I know there is a reason to. šŸ™‚

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