What Not To Wear: Snow Edition

Wore my rain boots today

The first time I ever saw someone wear a short-sleeved shirt layered over a long-sleeved shirt was on the show Who’s The Boss. I was living on Saipan, my tropical island home, watching Tony Danza wearing two shirts and thinking, “Why would anyone ever do that?”

And yet, today, I am going into work so I am wearing five layers, (a black cami, a long-sleeved University of Washington shirt, a short-sleeved Sesame Street shirt, a long sleeved Harley Davidson shirt and a black long-sleeved Club Monaco shirt) which all fit snugly under a blue jacket my husband bought for me from Costco. And then I plan to stuff some puppies into my jacket for extra warmth.

By puppies, I mean actual dogs, not puppies as in boobs because that would be uncomfortable. Come on, 4+ boobs? Aren’t we for quality over quantity? This isn’t that scene in Total Recall. Don’t pretend like you have to google it because you don’t know what I’m talking about. YOU KNOW THE SCENE!

The only difficulty I’ve found with all these layers is that it appears like I’ve put on considerable weight, which may be true since this weather just makes me want to clear out a buffet, but even without the snow, my general tubbiness makes me look like what happens when childhood obesity goes unchecked.

How do you dress for the winter? Is there a slightly less janky way to look professional and still stay warm?

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  1. wool sweaters! they really are freakishly warm. cami, long sleeve shirt, & wool sweater = snug as a bug šŸ™‚

  2. Silk long johns!

    and real boots–rain boots do not cut it!

  3. I need boots since this is the third winter where it has snowed here. I am certain the moment I buy boots it will never snow here again.

    I have discovered that tights are essential to this weather. Especially since 75% of my wardrobe is skirts.

  4. So everyone in vermont (like that generalization?) COMPLETELY gives up the ghost in winter and “spring” when it comes to fashion: long down jackets, miles of scarves, giant boots. You could never take off you PJS in winter and it would never be noticed because you’d never get down to that layer. I thought everyone always dressed like that….I remember going to NYC as a teenager in my flannel lined jeans (stretch waist band!) and just wanting to shrink and die…(but hey, at least I was warm!)

  5. like a library book says:

    I used to live in Vermont and that is NOT a generalization ! I live in Seattle now and said to someone today “guess I’ll get my Vermont stuff out”. I meant huge coat, big hat, bulky gloves….I know exactly what you mean.

    Nice boots there, M.

  6. areyoukiddingme says:

    Silk long johns, fleece turtlenecks, wool sweaters, knee-high cashmere socks, waterproof boots (with insulation if possible), more wool sweaters.

    Of course, the best way to deal with cold is to do the following: Park car in garage. Get in car, start car while raising garage door. Drive to work. Park as close to building as possible (is there a spot available in the lobby?). Run inside as quickly as possible. Turn on space heater under desk. Take off coat and put on fleece sweatshirt. Take off fleece sweatshirt whenever you have to deal with people outside your immediate group. Put fleece back on. Turn off space heater. Exchange fleece for coat. Leave work and run to car. Drive home, park in garage, shut door and turn off car.

  7. Awesome! A Total Recall reference! You just don’t see enough of those. And yes, I do know what scene you are talking about. But she only had three…
    Long johns. Winter must have. ’nuff said.

  8. How *I* dress for the winter. I wear pants with my flop flops Vs. Shorts. It’s crazy warm here most of the year.

    Mona, stop dissin’ yourself. You are hotness squared.

  9. haha i was totally going to say what Jen said!

    flip flops & jeans as opposed to capris. and sometimes i bust out the long sleeve t-shirts

  10. I have some long underwear from Joes or big 5 or something. If you buy it in January they are already making room for the spring stuff and it is on sale. I have a warm jacket, so a layer or two under that maybe a thin wool sweater. For shoes I have some awesome Keen hiking boots that I stick a pair of warm wool socks under. I have worn these boots in -20 degrees in Snowy Switzerland and 109 degrees in the Moroccan Sahara. They are awesome and comfy and great for regular old hike in seattle (and by hikes I mean easy walks in the woods). They also work well in this befuddling Seattle weather.

  11. mrs. blogoway says:

    I finally broke down and bought the silk underwear (for Canada trips and such) and they make such a difference!

  12. shirley eugist says:

    I second (third? fourth?) the adoption of many wool sweaters into your wardrobe. From an outdoorsy standpoint, not only do they keep you really warm, but they will STILL KEEP YOU WARM WHEN WET, unlike most fabrics (esp. cotton). If you’re concerned about bulk, merino wool is a lighter weight. Smartwool makes some excellent pieces that can be laundered easily (my one woolen downfall is that I have to dry clean because I have just ruined too many good sweaters).

    My other suggestion is to get yourself to a military surplus store (a good one here in Portland is Andy and Bax) and get yourself an official Navy peacoat. They’re thick, they’re wool, they’re QUILTED INSIDE, they’re not much more expensive than the crappier ones you’ll find elsewhere, and they look very professional. But most importantly, they are super warm!

    Earlier this week when we had wind chill to 7 degrees here in Portland, my upper body sported a base layer (long john top), wool sweater, and Navy peacoat; my feet had Columbia wool knee-highs and heavy Columbia snow boots (think Northern Exposure); and my legs had a base layer and Eddie Bauer khakis. Everything stayed acceptably cozy, even for a cold wimp like myself, except for my legs, which was the only thing that didn’t have wool shielding it from the wind. Actually there were several points Monday and Tuesday were I just couldn’t feel most of my legs…

  13. although i’m iffy on the whole 80s revival thing, the current trendiness of leggings is really useful in winter. i got some american apparel cable knit leggings (http://store.americanapparel.net/rsacc302.html#i) and they work very well under skirts, dresses, etc. with knee boots. they’re much warmer than tights. so i often wear those along with a skirt and a sweater.

    http://www.etsy.com has a lot of cool handmade scarves, hats, and gloves that are interesting/unusual… often for cheaper than “normal” stores too, and i like supporting indie crafters vs sweatshop labor

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