when your kid breaks your only pair of glasses


Last night I left my glasses on my nightstand. Shortly after midnight, I woke up and found two things next to me: a sleeping, hulking toddler and my glasses in this condition.

I know Nathan is the culprit. Mostly because I found his two-year-old thumbprint on the lens. I’m really irritated because I’ve had these glasses for less than a month. Yes, I could have taken better care of them, like lock it in a safe from the prying hands of a toddler whose instinct is to KEEP ME FROM HAVING NICE THINGS. I’m sure that if I had Lasik surgery, he’d poke my eye to ruin the procedure.

It looks like it’s broken at the hinge. Do you think a repair is even possible?

I wish I could travel back in time and celebrate my birthday all over again. At least my glasses were still in tact and my stomach was full of sugary pastries. My future was so bright, I had to wear Transitions lenses.

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  1. Ahhh I’m sorry that happened! I can’t tell you how many pairs of glasses I’ve busted just by sitting on them or even running over them with a car!

    I’d definitely take them back to where you got them and see if they can fix them or replace them. I think they’ll be sympathetic, especially if they’re only a few weeks old. šŸ™‚

  2. Oh, that stinks. My 10 month old obliterated my favorite pair of specs, a style that’s not made anymore. They were worse than yours, though. I bet your optician can fix them!

  3. Oh bummer! I had Lasik when E was 6 months born and I’m thankful I did. The way she treats my sunglasses, I would expect glasses to look like yours. I was fortunate that my sunglasses have these hinges that bent outward as well so when she pulled them too far out, they would just bounce back. Anyhow, it does look like these could be fixed, I would bring them back where you got them and see what they can do!

    Good luck. I’m glad that you had a fab birthday.


  4. I got very lucky. Neither one of my kiddos managed to break any of my glasses during their toddler years…looking back, I am wondering how I avoided that…

  5. Grr!! Nathan!! You could lock him somewhere while he sleep…like a dog…ok, i’m a terrible person.

  6. oh crap. Maggie did almost the same thing to mine when I’d only had them for a few weeks. The earpiece wasn’t broken completely off, but it was bent and twisted at a completely WRONG angle. My eye doctor is awesome though and they fixed them for free. Hope you have some luck šŸ™‚

  7. Nooooo! What a bummer! I hope they can fix it.

  8. I’ll ask Aaron. He is the *king* of rigging broken glasses, as any true nerd should be.

  9. bummer about the glasses, but my real reason I am commenting is because I read “sugary pastries” as “surgery pastries”…twice

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