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Who needs lingerie when you can get 80s era ski gear?

Who needs lingerie when you can get 80s era ski gear?

Thanks to a last-minute offer from my brother to take Nathan for the evening, my husband and I were allowed to celebrate Valentine’s Day without hearing a little human asking for JUICE! MORE JUICE! All the restaurants were packed and offering a minimum wait of at least an hour so we headed over to one of my favorite places in the whole world: the Chinese buffet. I love buffets in general, but especially one that offers beef broccoli, bacon-wrapped shrimp and crab. Eating crab in a restaurant has only happened recently because it’s such a messy meal and I still haven’t mastered using a cracker. It’s called a cracker! How dainty can you be with something that can either be a delicious source of carbohydrates or a disparaging name for my Caucasian brothers and sisters?

Back on Saipan, I’d work my way through a pot of crabs using only my bare hands and appetite. I would go. to. town. Like to undersea town where Darryl Hannah in Splash lived before she came on shore.

I was still happy to be with my husband, a man who doesn’t think that a wife with shellfish bits on her shirt is a turn-off.

And my internet friend, I didn’t buy you flowers. All I have is this video gift: How to Defend Yourself Against Someone Attacking You (via molls).

HOW TO FIGHT – watch more funny videos
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  1. Shirley Eugist says:

    Yeesh. I often see people wearing things like that jacket for reals when I’m out and about in my area of town (affectionally known as “felony flats” by the rest of the metropolitan area).

  2. which Chinese buffet did you go to ? That was our plan for last night but had a food coma from late lunch at Sonic. You rock that ski gear.

  3. I still haven’t mastered the “crackers” so I go full force with just my hands. My husband tends to slowly walk away from the table.

  4. See? There is an upside to not liking seafood!

  5. And that video…that little girl could have totally taken that guy if she wanted to…

  6. HAHAHA! Oh my goodness! I used to work with Gavin when I was an intern at Vice Magazine a few years ago… His daughter has grown up to be quite the adorable toddler! I love the hood wear he has her in.

    Sounds like you guys had a fantastic Valentine’s Day… sometimes it’s better to just have a low key dinner at a place you know you like. Especially if they have crab there… MMM!

  7. omg. funniest video EVER.

  8. I hope you don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. We’ve had almost an entire month of sickness. First me, then B, then K, then Me again. I STILL WANT YOU TO COME PLAY WII! We are going to AZ next week (K still has not met her paternal grandfather), and after that, you and I are getting together, sistah.

  9. P.S. K is still talking about the time she puked in her bed. She shakes her head slowly and says, “Pute in Bed. Sit. Ohhh nooo. Pute. Ohhh noooo. Sit.”

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