sometimes. always. never.

-When I was a kid, I sometimes fantasized that I would be the first Pacific Islander on The Real World. Then that show Real World Hawaii popped up and I lost my chance to Ruthie, the drunk girl.

-I sometimes google people from my past to see what shows up. Sometimes I find out awesome information like my ex-boyfriend’s brother now makes money traveling the world and writing about it for college students and other times the information isn’t as joyous like my first grade boyfriend who was eventually arrested for assaulting a police officer.

-When someone is about to pass me and I can tell from looking at the person that he/she is going to smell really rank, I always hold my breath until he/she walks by.

-When I’m on the bus and we drive by the Megamillions billboard, I always imagine what I’d do with the potential winnings. And if the number changes, I always wonder about the person who did win and whether he/she is just going apeshit at Target. Because that is what I would do.

-Sometimes when I carry Nathan, I think, what if some apocalyptic disaster happened and I was forced to carry Nathan on my back to get to the nearest source of water because I guess in my sick fantasy there are no strollers or shopping carts I can fashion into strollers. Even in my fantasy, I wouldn’t be able to carry him for very long. Kid’s heavy.

-I always check my facebook profile to see if anyone’s added me as a friend! Sadly, no one adds me as a friend.

-I have never been in a hot air balloon and I don’t think I ever will be because I am terrified of heights and it doesn’t take much elevation to send my poor heart into panic.

-I never liked AJ Soprano or his sister Meadow.

-I never made it past chapter 2 of Eat, Pray, Love. I think Elizabeth Gilbert was still going, “WHYYYY MEEEEE?!?!!” before I put the book down and vowed never to read anything from Oprah’s Book Club.

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  1. Amen to the bit about Oprah’s Book Club selections. What a bunch of baloney (except for some old classics).

  2. Ladybug650 says:

    Just beautiful, b&w was a perfect choice. You have eyelashes for days . That’s frame worthy for the hubby!

  3. GREAT picture! I will add you as a friend on FB. And oh my God, Eat, Pray Love was terrible! I finished it, but I do not recommend it to anyone.

  4. interesting and random … love it. I am quit familiar with paragraph 2 of “sometimes”. i do that too. i get frustrated when i don’t find anything.

    During the summer, i can see hot air balloons over Snohomish.

  5. I love reading these random tid bits.

    I am 100% guilty of Googling ex’s, too. My first boyfriend in elementary school…is currently in prison for murder.

    It didn’t go uphill much from there.

  6. i LOVE this post. and that photo of you.

  7. Ha- that last one- about Eat Pray Love? Me, too,


  8. Shirley Eugist says:

    My mom was really into Oprah’s book club for a while, and a few years ago she lent me one of the books (“Stones from the River”) after she was done with it. Set in Germany between the world wars, she thought I’d dig it.

    Your comment about “whyyyy meeeee!?!?!” was spot on about this book as well. The main character was a “little person” in a small German town and most of the tone of the book was this nasty inner monologue about herself.

    I tried to keep going, but I just couldn’t! I do wonder though, if in the end she was carted off by the Nazis for not conforming to regular standards, or if the “stones from the river” title was foreshadowing a Virginia Woolf-like death. But I just didn’t care enough to trudge through the rest of the book to find out!

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