The College Humor Show premieres tonight!

If you’re like me, your comedic tastes resemble that of a 12-year-old boy’s. My brain is filled with South Park references and Simpsons quotes. The other day I tried to tell some people about my plan and its three phases. The first phase would be to collect underpants, the second phase was still a question mark but the third phase was PROFIT! Only, instead of getting high-fives and hugs for dropping an SP Season 2 reference, I just received blank stares and requests not to talk so loudly in the Seattle Archdiocese.

But it’s a life I’ve chosen to live, one with my brain real estate housing useless information and believe me, my brain’s real estate is very small, like the island of Nauru small. I only have enough memory to share with you how excited I am for tonight’s premiere of The College Humor Show on MTV!

One of my absolute favorite CH staples are the skits from Jake and Amir. This is what I watch on my commute when I feel my soul shriveling up and need something to make me look crazy because I am the woman laughing on the bus. Enjoy!

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  1. The Underpants Gnomes! I loved that episode!
    I too struggle with trying not to giggle at fart jokes. I can’t help it! Sometimes farts are funny!

  2. Oh, you are preaching to the choir, sister. I am very often the crazy lady laughing on the train. I actually bought J a Butters doll which came with ACTUAL UNDERPANTS GNOMES. I’m the best wife ever.

  3. HEE! We say “Step three: PROFIT” ALL THE TIME. Even about things that DON’T involve underpants.

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