breaking bread

I had a great idea to made some homemade bread after reading this easy recipe at Seattlest. Only, it didn’t turn out as well as I hoped.

Seriously. The bread is so hard that I would crack my tooth trying to bite down. I don’t think I let the dough rest long enough and I don’t think I kneaded it properly either. Is there a more fool-proof recipe out there?

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  1. Awesome video! Nathan is ADORABLE! I’m sorry about your bread, but it will make a great door stop. LOL. Seriously, you should just keep it to put out on your counter and when people come over they will always think, “wow, she makes homemade bread…”

  2. How ’bout a bread machine?

  3. I actually have a bread machine I was going to give to goodwill! You can have it if you would like it. It’s awesome and totally fool-proof, but we have a kitchen the size of a thimble and it takes up too much space considering we use it twice a year.

  4. Also, it still smells awesome cooking. And Nathan is the cutest side kick ever.

  5. Hahaha that reminds me of the bread that Hugh Grant uses to kill a duck in “About a Boy.” Looks a lot better than the sad baguettes I tried to make a few months ago though.

  6. Was your water too hot? Did you kill your yeast? That is my 1st guess. Anyhoo, I have a tried a true recipe here:
    And dude! I have presents for yoooou!

  7. Hahaha!

  8. Cuuuuute video.

  9. That bread is like an Anti-mugger Weapon. Or an Aboriginal throwing weapon. Or maybe you just invented a new weapon for Ninjas.

    Don’t worry. I LOVE to bake, but I haven’t made bread successfully in 17 years.

  10. OMG he is just too cute.

    Oh alright.

    You’re cute too. : )

  11. Ok, so I had no idea what you said because I was laughing SO hard at Nathan in the background! Too much fun!!

  12. I love how Nathan was trying to imitate you in the background. And the knock-knock “housekeeping, your bread sucks” cracked me up BIGTIME! I don’t know any fool proof recipes. As a matter of fact, I don’t have any recipe to make bread…and I come from a family that owned a bakery! The problem? Well, each time I asked my grandmother to teach me and show me the ingredients, she would say: “Ai aga’hu, I only know a scoop of that and a pinch of this, add water and mix!” In other words, she doens’t believe in measurements, she just knows it’s right with the way it “feels”.

  13. Hafa Adai! A friend of mine stumbled upon your blog when she googled stufao recipes. Another friend of ours knows who you are (Jo LG). Sorry to hear about your bread making experience. šŸ™‚ If you still want to make some I could give you a good recipe. I’ve used it before and it works. Send me an email.

    PS: I miss the rain on Guam. I love it! Send some down to me in Albuquerque.

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