burgers, crepes, and brodeos

I took Friday off and enjoyed the first free day I’ve had in a while with my girl Rachel.

Our first stop was at the Lunchbox Laboratory, a very hip burger place in Ballard that’s been receiving great reviews. I was struck by how small the space was. It was lunchtime on a weekday and we were still cramped in the tiny aisle between the menu and seating. However that was Lunchbox Laboratory’s only downside because the food was amazing, the kind of amazing that causes tons of people like us to grab our camera phones before they’ve even taken a bite.

your face will melt

your face will melt

There are some options with the burgers, you can build your own or order one of their “experiments.” I choose the “ebony assassin” from the experiment menu: 1/4 lb super beef, black truffle mayo, maple bacon, cheddar cheese, and sauteed onions. I love a good burger so messy that its cleanup calls for napkins, paper towels, wetnaps, a lobster bib, a Turkish bath and then a walk through a carwash.

I also noticed that the place was filled with mostly guys, a veritable bromantic brodeo. Aside from us, there were two ladies and one of them worked there. There was a variety of guys there, too. Some looked like straight-laced architects on their lunch break and others who wore hats with “BOOBIES” in bold letters and shirts with squirrels on the front, underneath the same bold type and underneath, an assuring phrase: “MY NUTS ARE SAFE.”

We took a walk around Greenlake while our tummies settled and I oogled dogs that passed us. You see, I want a dog, but there are tons of reasons why we can’t handle a dog. Our house is too small and our schedules are too crazy to handle a creature that needs to be walked and fed. But I have a lot of dog fantasies that I know won’t materialize into an adorable English bulldog puppy waiting for me to take home.

As we circled the lake, I saw that there were tons of people out enjoying the sunshine. There were moms pushing BOB strollers discussing post-pregnancy jeans and retired ladies talking about infectious diseases or so-and-so’s Monet collection. Whenever I have the rare luxury to run around the city during the week, I stare at all these other unfettered people around me also strolling through Target or eating burgers or driving on I-5 and I wonder, “WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT IN OFFICES?”

After our walk, we went to the last leg of our Fattening Foods Friday one-city tour, Unicorn Crepes in the International District. My eyes glazed over at all the ice cream, whip, berry, corn flake combos. I ordered a strawberry custard whip which was as delicious as I imagined: a rich, sweet filling wrapped in light fluffy layers.

rachel and her crepe

rachel and her crepe

She can’t take a bad picture. Seriously.

And on the ride back, Rachel took the awesomeness to another level, a For the Love of Ray J level when she did a lipdub to Mya:

Rachel’s Lipdub! from mona on Vimeo.

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  1. I’ve heard of that place!!! WOW! Can you say burger? And I think Fattening Food Friday is the best idea ever. EVAH!

    Too fun. And the Lipdubbing friend? Reminds me of that hidden camera show where the people would sing in their cars. Oh, I really miss that show!

  2. Uh, pardon me while I wipe the pool of drool from my keyboard.
    The burger and fries are ginormous!

    Rachel rocks the lipdub.


  4. What a great day… you guys did it up right.

  5. Your friend has awesome lip dub talent. I remember singing to this song when i was single. but i did not have anything to be single about. i was just single. not sexy. but have been free for a while that they moved me from clearance rack to the back.

    your burger is giving me a cyber coronary. where is that. i have to take Shon.

  6. That burger looked quite good. That crepe place sounded better…

  7. Yum! What a fun day.

  8. I don’t like fries, but I want to eat those. I want to eat them all up!

    When I drive downtown – you know, Garapan – I also wonder who all those people are who are not in offices. And don’t say bar girls, cause I’m talkin bout day time. In my head I’m the girl from that MTV commercial, “who are all these freakin people?”

  9. You come with the funny, girl. I seriously look forward to Joel McHale ripping that Bromance show every week on The Soup. Awesome.

  10. This post makes me want to come hang out with you. All the time.

  11. de-lurking to say that I love your blog, and the lipdub is freakin’ hilarious.

  12. I’d like to thank you for torturing me with this post!!! i read it in Chile where we were being served calf-foot soup each night. I was hungry. ALso this made me miss seattle like hell!!!

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