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Today I spent the day home with Nathan. I work full-time and I rarely take a whole day off. But on infrequent days like today, I pretend that this is what it’d be like if I had stayed at home or if I didn’t have to work out of the home. I play this game for a few hours, until my husband arrives and in Sliding Doors style, the day I would have had as a SAHM merges with the evening routine I normally have and I’m fixing dinner and dealing with bedtime.

Today, I had SO MANY OPTIONS! I could go to Target without any lines! I could walk through the grocery’s meat section while it was still stocked in the morning so I didn’t have to lay down a choke-a-hold on a woman over the last package of ground beef. I could go to the library’s storytime (which never happens AFTER 5 PM) or the Children’s Museum (WHICH CLOSES AT 5 PM). I didn’t have to grumble about how there aren’t any places that offer at least one night for working families.

Instead, Nathan tossed all the couch cushions onto the living room floor and spent an hour in his DIY-tumble gym. I worked on editing photos, scheduling a few more clients and listening to even more ear-goodness that is This American Life. We ate snacks. And then more snacks. We took a long nap. We read books. It was just a glorious stretch of time that I was happy to enjoy.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t regret my career. I’m glad that I can provide for my family. As paltry as my paycheck is, it’s something that keeps us comfortable (as in we can eat at Taco Del Mar and not sweat over a mondo burrito meal). And whenever I do I hear some tripe about how women should stay at home, children in daycare are at a disadvantage, blah blah, I automatically tune it out by repeating the lyrics to Mr. President’s “Coco Jambo” which goes: “YA YA YA COCO JAMBO YA YA YAY!” It works every time.

So what do you do or would like to do with a day off?

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  1. I am fortunate to have every Wednesday off. On Wednesdays I see my boys come home from school. I love that.I also love the quiet hours before the kids come home from school. I can also catch up with Full House reruns at 12pm and 3pm

    For me, having that one day during the week off helps me catch up with life and laundry and cooking

    Glad you had today off … i see it felt good … i love vegging out. and snacking. and snacking again.

  2. I don’t even KNOW what I’d do!

  3. OH! Wait! A moment’s thought has realigned things! All my days are already days off! Never mind!

  4. I have the whole week off and I’m spending it cuddling with dogs and cats and my husband. Also, I am eating a crazy amount of junk food. Huh.

  5. I am a SAHM and a day off for me would be a whole day alone to do something other than feeding people, changing diapers, and reading books with pictures. I would love to be able to lay on the beach somewhere warm and just read a book and listen to the waves hit the shore.

  6. Di: It helps to eat when I’m wearing pajama pants that way I don’t feel my stomach expanding as I gorge.

    Swistle: I hope you don’t think I was making a jab at SAHMs. Not what I meant at all.

    Pickles: I ate a box of store-brand honeycomb cereal. I don’t know where to go with that sentence, but that’s what it is!

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever heard that song before but I looooooooooove it. I can see how that would have been an island thing.

  8. I stay home, and my favorite thing to do, especially now that spring is on its way, is to spend time outside in the backyard, watching the kids play in the sandbox, climb up the play set, roller skate, or ride their bikes.

  9. well i have no kids. but regardless with a day off…i’d sleep a lot. and maybe get a manicure.

  10. Ooohhh… a day off. That’s an easy one. I drop my son off at preschool and work out at my leisure. I shower at the gym in a shower I don’t have to clean and with no one asking me, “How much longer?” Then I waste my time until preschool is over, when I pick up my son and we resume life as usual, but not at such a frenetic pace. šŸ™‚ I think that’s the best part of a day off… I don’t have to rush through my life. I can enjoy the time I never get to have with my family.

  11. I seriously have fantasies about what I would do during they day if I worked from home (as we have no kiddos), and the fact that I would like to go running while everyone else is working, and/or read books and write to my heart’s content makes me seem a bit boring, I fear. But oh the bliss I assume it is to work from home, even while knowing it’s not always so rad.

  12. okay once again, in a pile on the floor laughing. at my job i could really use a copy of that song to blast.

    Anyway, this made me think. I was a nanny for 6 years in seattle, mostly for stay at home mothers (which doesn’t sound like it makes sense, I know) but I heard all sides of the ‘stay at home vs. work’ debate. And I don’t have kids but I was a kid once, and my parents both worked full time and I was in daycare from a tiny tiny age. Like, really young, full time daycare. And guess what, I have really good social skills and love my parents. I’m a daycare fan!!

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