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I erased all the men off my pretend celebrity boyfriend list and filled it in with Ira Glass, host of my favorite radio show, This American Life:

my pretend boyfriend, Ira Glass

my pretend boyfriend

My friend Drew told me that she was listening to the story on an association of professional Santas fighting amongst each other and once I had listened to that podcast, I realized that I could never again listen to anything as remarkable. Every night, I listen to about two hours and much more on the weekends. One of my favorite episodes features Russell Banks reading, “Sarah Cole: A Type of Love Story.” I remember reading that story in college and being torn between giving up on writing because I could never produce anything that amazing or writing furiously until I had a story that didn’t pale in comparison. Actually, the only real writing I’ve done lately was my latest text message, sent in the wee hours of the morning: “NU FONE. WHO DIS?”

So I ask, what are you listening to?

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  1. I’ve been enjoying Kevin Smith’s SModcast. He is one of my favorite directors (Jersey Girl not withstanding) and even though he has such a foul mouth he makes even me blush, he makes me laugh.
    To stimulate my brain, I’m trying out one of the free podcasts that can teach you another language. I’m giving German a try…Have to let you know how that goes…

  2. I also am a This American Life devotee. Did you know there’s a DVD too? I think you can watch episodes online at the Showtime website.

    My other favorite podcasts are Wait, Wait, Dont Tell Me, and the Moth. Both are fabulous!

  3. I”ve been listening to Ira my whole life and even saw him Live. I worship the ground he brodcasts over.

  4. Love him. Love him.

  5. Have you heard the TAL featuring a man who became a PhD quantum physicist because he wanted to invent a real time machine to go back and spend more time with his father, who died at a young age? AMAZING.

    Tragedy Minus Time Equals Happily Ever After

  6. An ex-boyfriend of mine turned me onto TAL a few years ago, and I absolutely love it. The one on camp is pretty hilarious, and I love that like 40% of TALs in the past few years have been “The David Sedaris Show,” in a way. I dig.

    A few months ago, I went to see Fred Armisen of SNL do a comedy show downtown. When we were all leaving, my friend and I noticed amongst the sea of 20-30-something hipsters a gargantouously tall gray haired guy in giant glasses who looked really out of place, hanging around the back. It was only when I got home that I realized that it was IRA GLASS!!!

    I wish I’d said something to him then, but it probably would’ve been something immeasurably retarded.

  7. I Heart Ira. He is at the top of my “If you could ask any 10 famous people over for a dinner party and they’d actually come” lists.

    I listen to TAL, Planet Money (a spin-off from TAL), Marketplace, Marketplace Money, and The Moth. The Moth episode called “LOL” will make you LOL if you can find it.

    I miss you, sister. šŸ™ Someday, I will not be traveling or hurriedly doing home improvement projects every minute of every weekend and we can play wii until the controllers mold into our hands.

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