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I saw the trailer for Where The Wild Things Are on Drew’s blog and now I am obsessed with this movie. I really want to this to be the perfect movie. It has to be. You don’t take The Arcade Fire lightly. I want it to make me cry and make my heart break a little. I want Nathan to love this movie the way I loved The Goonies. I want this to be his Goonies.

I’ve also been a bit sad that the shows that I really loved as a kid aren’t around. Shows like Salute Your Shorts, Animaniacs and Garfield and Friends. I know this is a generational argument and that the generation before mine had the same qualms and the generation before that–my husband’s generation–didn’t have anything to complain about because television had just been invented and they were grateful not to have to go to the drive-in to watch laugh at some talking pictures.

And speaking of laughing, I took a video of a car coming to a stop (you can hear the adorable Jenny On The Spot yelp!) and Nathan cannot stop laughing at it. Last night, my brother and his family came over for dinner and Nathan and his cousin Alejandro kept cracking up over the clip. I love how Nathan’s face lights up when he figures out which side of the screen he should be looking at.

laughing at a car from mona on Vimeo.

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  1. Animaniacs!!! I am sooo Elmyra. Elmira?

  2. Another fave “Are you afraid of the dark” ?
    Nathan and Alejandro are so cute. you look lovely as always. as does Giot.

  3. I’m hearing so much about WTWTA that I’m starting to get super excited about seeing it in the theaters. I’m just a kid at heart anyway, right? (Right!)

  4. Good golly that’s cute!!!

    Hey, you going to the Dooce book signing. Looks like Lisa and I get to come back across!…Prolly shouldn’t but gonna! Perhaps we’ll see ya??? šŸ™‚

  5. I feel ya. I cried when I saw the trailer for the first time.

    PS: I wanted Jack to love Goonies, and E.T.. He cried when Eliot said “penis breath” and said I hurt Jesus’ feelings. I’m sure we will explore the force feeding my kids 80’s pop culture in therapy some day.

  6. I want to own that movie. I hope it is as good as we all want it to be.

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