I care about you, Rachel Dratch

Yesterday Mike and I had an amazing time on the Savor Seattle Tour. We went on the Pike Place Market Classics Tour and it was incredible. I’m writing this up for Seattle Mom Blogs, but I have to share with you first what happened while we gawked at the famous Pike Place Market Fish company tossing heavy salmon in the air.

I saw Rachel Dratch.

Mike had left to use the restroom so I was with the group, staring at the fishmongers and the crowd that gathered. I spotted Rachel immediately and my heart began to flutter in my chest because HOLY HELL THAT IS SOMEONE WHO IS ON TEEEVEEEEEE! She was about twenty or twenty five feet away and consumed by the spectacle the fish company was putting on so I grabbed my camera and took a picture. She caught the flash, looked over at me. I gave the most dorky smile ever, like, “I know you are famous and I am not and I really liked you on SNL and I would ask you if you want roast duck for your lover but I’m sure you get that a lot huh?” and she disappeared into the crowd. No one else was accosting her for photos or autographs. It was just me, a homely Seattle resident who took a picture of one of the funniest women ever. When Mike returned, I practically shook him, yelling, “I JUST SAW RACHEL DRATCH!!!!”

I’m not very good around celebrities. I squee whenever I see local news anchors at the grocery store. But Rachel Dratch? I almost lost it, but it all happened so quickly so this is all I have to show of it:

rachel dratch!

Later, I was telling my sister about it and she said, “Which one was she? Is she the blonde one?”

“No that’s Amy Poehler. She was Debbie Downer!”

“Was she Sarah Palin?”

“No that was TINA FEY!”

This went on with several other people, with the exception of my friend Branan who knew instantly who Rachel Dratch was and reminded me that Rachel Dratch was on the first 10 episodes of 30 Rock as several different characters. I’m still giddy that I was so close to Rachel, even if it was for a moment.

So, which celebrities have you met?

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  1. Pike Place Paparazzi! Woo woo!

    No one that interesting comes to Norfolk. Or maybe they do, and they just don’t hang out at Target by my house. I thought everyone wanted to go to Target? Crazy celebs…

  2. Last summer I was in the H&M in Vancouver and was five feet away from Pamela Anderson.

    Yes, really.

    Her security dud saw my camera strap sticking out of my bag, said “I thought we’d be safe here” to me, and ushered her out of the store.

    Like I was paparazzi or something. It was pretty funny.

  3. AWESOME!!!

    And yeah, she looks pissed.

    I saw the entire Hogan family at the mall once. Brooke is like 8 feet tall!

  4. John Travolta and Kelly Preston were at my friend’s wedding. Of course, I was the annoying friend that asked to take a picture with them. My friend was not happy. I made a mousepad out of it for Dave. šŸ™‚

  5. The only celebrity I’ve ever seen is Richard Belzer, Munch from Law & Order SVU. He was standing on a corner in New York when we were visiting my brother-in-law.

  6. Bruce Willis. He is surprisingly pretty in person.

    I love Rachel Dratch; my husband and I just call her The Dratch. I loved the SNL skits where she and Will Ferrell were lov-ahs.

  7. I love Rachel Dratch! She is hilarious and I love whenever she’s on 30 Rock or an SNL skit. Debbie Downer is my favorite.

    I met Liz Hurley once, but it was for a work function. The only other “celebrity” I’ve met was Louis Anderson (the comedian and host of “Family Feud.” It was at a horse track and the only thing I could think of to say was, “I loved you on Hollywood Squares!” I’m pretty sure he thought I was a moron.

  8. Rachel Dratch rocks. Her, Amy Poeler, and Tina Fey were so awesome on SNL. Did you know she was supposed to be Jenna? But then they got Jane Krakowski instead. How different would that show have been?

    I’ve seen (not had conversations with) a handful of celebs. Off the top of my head, I’ve had a chance to say, “Hi” to Taye Diggs, Lea Salonga, Jamie Lynn Siegler (H-O-T), and Margaret Cho.

    I got a pic with Taye Diggs when he was in “Chicago” on Broadway in NYC. Same trip, got a pic with Lea Salonga after her performance in “Flower Drum Song”. Met Jamie after she performed in “Cinderella” at the Paramount here in Seattle years ago. And I met Margaret Cho at UW back in ’94. I was a volunteer usher. Got to meet her after her performance. Cracked a joke and she chuckled.

    When it comes to celebs, I have no shame going up and just shaking their hand. I’m not into autographs. I just want a chance to say, “Hi. I appreciate your work.” Yes, that makes me a dork.

    Great post!!! I’m so jealous.

  9. you DID get a photo of rachel! and a great flattering one too. šŸ™‚ this is SO cool.
    i’m trying to wrack my brain of famous people…but can’t come up with anyone. man. that’s lame.

  10. Morgan Freeman. And I made a total jackass of myself.

  11. you are an awesome papparazzo. i have no celebrity encounters. not even local tv anchors. but Jesse Jones from King5 is following me on Twitter. does that count?

  12. Debbie Downer! Ah, hilarious.

    I met Josh Hartnett at a bar in Spokane, Washington of all places, because he was shooting a movie there (and I was living there) at the time.

  13. OOOOH!! This list is surprisingly long..

    Okay, so the super-mega-awesome Warwick Davis was at Disney the other day, along with the dude that played Darth Maul. Jack White of White Stripes fame, due to him being a childhood buddy of one of my exes. Mel Gibson when he summered in a house down the road from my dad’s friend’s summer cabin. Ummmm… Oh! The Nuge, because my father’s same friend produced his hunting videos. Erik Rutan of the band Hate Eternal, Brian Slagel who is the owner of Metal Blade Records. Along with all the members of All That Remains, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, and As I Lay Dying – due to my husband playing shows with al lof them.

    Dude, I am *almost* cool by association. Almost.

  14. Lisa Sister Friend says:

    Moni Love!

    I saw Rachel Dratch walking around downtown about a year ago. I was driving Sam in the mini-van and was pregnant. Mini-van+ toddler in tow = utterly lame to most comics (most of the world actually), so I decided to not even make eye contact. I have total soccer mom hair to boot. Oh well, ain’t no shame in my game! All I kept thinking was “Would Rachel think I looked like this?” http://www.hulu.com/watch/10333/saturday-night-live-mom-jeans

    I saw Bjork two years agp walking around downtown too. My coolest celeb spotting was Cisco the garden dude in Redmond. Try and top that, Mona, it’s impossible.

  15. Brittany spears…I stood behind her on an escalator at LAX and I didn’t even realize it till some guy next to me nudged me and said, “Look, it’s Brittany Spears!” She had TERRIBLE hair that just looked injured, and her butt was pretty big. Also I’ve seen Dave Matthews all over. The first time was at Whole Foods and I threw my things aside and went running because I freaked out….the second time I saw him in whole foods, I was all cool, I even asked the cheese guy a question about goat cheese and DAVE STUCK AROUND TO LISTEN TO THE ANSWER!!! Then i saw him at Zokas once (he was in his car, I was with my boyfriend at the time who was a cop and he was like GET HIS LISCENCE NUMBER I’LL SEARCH HIM!!” umm….anyway. Also I walked my dogs past his house once and met his wife and baby son. (I’m not a stalker, I just happened to live in his neighborhood!)

    Who else…the entire Tyler Family (Liv, Stephen…) in The Farmer’s Market in my hometown of woodstock, VT.

    Pretty much…I’m practically a celebrity by now!

  16. Well, due to the nature of my husbands job, I have met quite a few Mariners, Seahawks and Sonics (and some basketball guys who live here but play on other teams). I have met some pimp my ride folks also. I have seen all of the local news anchors out and about here in Seattle. I worked at a restaurant that Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell frequented back in the mid 90’s. If you live in West Seattle, you have probably been to said restaurant. šŸ™‚

  17. One day I looked up and saw a little dog coming my way. I brushed it and it’s owner off as random passers by. Later, people asked me “Did you see her?”
    I was like “See who?” Jewel had walked right by me and I didn’t even notice!

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