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-I have a post up at Seattle Mom Blogs about my recent night of pampering thanks to 5 Minutes for Mom and Pledge. I didn’t mention how I wanted to make-out with Kathryn, but decided not to do it because that would be weird and I don’t know if pregnant women respond well to a blogger whose tongue is so large that it could hold two Olympic gold medals side by side. Also, I got to meet Maggie and this woman is going to be my friend, even if I have to send her bottles and bottles of wine. Okay, boxes of wine. With spigots!

-I promised my brother that I would promote his computer business, The Computer Xperts, because of what he did last night (and what he has been doing for our family for a long time): saving my iPhone. I made the mistake of giving Nathan my iPhone so he could play some games and Mike and I wouldn’t hear the screeching toddler cries in the car. Only, when I extracted my phone from his grubby paws, he had pressed a combination of buttons so I couldn’t unlock the phone without entering a Passcode. I remember in junior high math that there could be thousands and thousands of combinations and unless I wanted to restore factory settings and LOSE MY VAMPIRE GAME (I’m lvl-47!), there was no solution. So my brother took my phone, worked his magic (pressing a few buttons or some weird geek spell like that), and suddenly, my phone was back to normal. Other than miracles like that, my brother is extremely knowledgeable about computers and dedicated to his clients and I wouldn’t just say that because he’s my brother. Because he’s my brother I would say how he made me refer to him as Lieutenant until he moved away to college.

-Also, my mom is leaving back to Saipan today, so we are going to do very important things like get four boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts for her to take back to Saipan. It doesn’t matter if they’re stale when they get back to the island. I know my family overseas will eat it anyway. It reminds me of how for many years Saipan didn’t have a McDonalds and the only place to get a Happy Meal was on Guam. So you could be the hot shizz in your class if you came to school with a crumpled happy meal box with cold nuggets and limp fries because it meant that your meal gave someone frequent flier miles. Take about telling the 100-mile diet to shove it.

Finally, check out this entire video which has made me choke up. It’s a guitar prodigy from Japan who gets a super sweet surprise at the end. Happy Friday!

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  1. wasn’t that THE BEST?! I was watching Ellen the other day and saw it and my heart literally smiled.

  2. One bottle will do the trick- I’m a cheap date.

  3. Thank you for sharing that video! I loooove Ozzie! That kid’s reaction was priceless!

  4. oh my god. that made me bawl like a baby. what an amazing talent and to have something as cool as meeting your idol…his reaction is so cute, that little breathless “thank you.” i swear stuff like that reaffirms my faith in humanity.

  5. Okay, first, a belated “ZOMG I’M SO JEALOUS” comment re: Sunday in the Park with George…I love that musical. It’s probably my favorite of all time.

    Second, I totally relate to the phone situation. My son’s just about demolished mine.

    And finally, I love the video. His little awed “Thank you!” is the best!

  6. Looking at that picture, it’s obvious why you were so attracted to me. As always it was a pleasure. I LOVE the photos you took and your fun laid-back party manner. Can’t wait to see Maggie’s new picture on Parenting.

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