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Some trivia: every person in this photo has been hit by a car.

Craig saw me get hit in a grocery store parking lot. I was waving at him when he called out, “MONA!” Then I felt a hard shove push me forward. I thought it was a cart and I swung my head back and found a small Honda Civic with two women inside. I was stunned, but not hurt. The women drove off and I didn’t remember the story until Craig mentioned it while he and Irene were visiting during Memorial Day weekend.

Irene and Craig

I hadn’t seen Craig for about ten years, Irene about nine. I met Craig in catechism class, one of the three I attended before just giving up and taking the adult confirmation class. Irene lived right next door and most of my formative years were spent at her house, where we read Babysitters Club books or mastered Super Mario Bros. 3. After high school, she moved to Hawaii and I moved to Seattle and we spent the past few years in different parts of the world until she visited Craig in Portland and the two of them made the three hour drive to my house.


We toured around Pike Place Market and I kept remarking, “This is where that scene was filmed in Sleepless in Seattle! And here too! And over here!” The only low point was the women at Beecher’s Cheese who did not even acknowledge our prescence (and wallets full of cheese-buying potential) and a high point, amongst many, was a visit over to The Confectional for several sweet rich cheesecake truffles.

i heart irene

I took Irene’s portrait and she was a great sport even though I was giving her funny directions like, “Look like you have a secret!”

Back at my house, we entered the Photobooth time-space continuum, where Craig and I visited Paris.


And something happened our faces:

Actually, Irene is the only one with the Photobooth filter. My jaw normally unhinges like that. It’s so I can eat one of those table-long subway mega-sandwiches without having to cut it at all.

I wish we lived closer, that the only contact wasn’t through facebook and text messages. It would be nice to have Irene as a neighbor again, someone whose door is always open and whom I know wouldn’t mind if I walked in and announced, “I’m here and I brought some Super Specials with me!”

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  1. I love those photobooth pictures! They always crack me up.

  2. Someone hit you with a car and then just drove away???

    Yay for long-time friends!

  3. aww i’m bummed to have missed this little neighborly reunion. would have been fun. I would have brought my box of BSC and we’d have readings. i’m glad you had fun. and you’re still my favorite photographer.

  4. Dude. I should be in that picture too because now I’ve been hit by a car as well!!! Ok, it was actually a truck, does that still count?

    I want to be part of the cool kids club!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. How nice that you were able to hang out with some old friends! I don’t get to see my old chums as much as I would like…

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